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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Most Wanted Sequels For iOS And Android

While normally we'd agree that variety is the spice of life, and mobile gaming does it better than most platforms, there are a few sequels to longtime favorites we’d love to see. With the recent release of the outstanding Fieldrunners 2, it's the perfect time to gaze over our back-catalog to pick games that most deserve a follow-up.

Temple Run

We've seen a few new takes on this classic endless-runner, such as the excellent Disney Brave tie-in, but we'd like nothing more than to get a fully expanded, new jungle adventure to set out on. What would we like to see from a sequel? Well, more variation in maze layouts, a few different environments, and some fresh upgrades would definitely make this a worthwhile endeavor.
Download Temple Run (iOS)
Download Temple Run (Android)
Plants vs Zombies

The original game has had more than its fair share of updates, and the end result is a monstrously huge mobile experience. But we'd really like to see the developers take a stab at something new. How about a change to the lane layout, or some kind of multiplayer mode? Even if we could just take on the role of the undead in a single player campaign, we'd be anxious to sink our teeth into a sequel for this monster-selling title.
Download Plants vs Zombies (iPhone)
Download Plants vs Zombies HD (iPad)
Download Plants vs Zombies (Android)
Kingdom Rush

Developer Ironhide Game Studios did a fantastic job squeezing the previously iPad-only Kingdom Rush onto iPhones. Here's hoping it's been a successful release, as we'd like nothing more than to see a sequel to the game on both platforms. Kingdom Rush is one of the slickest tower-defense games we've played in recent months, with a fantastic upgrade system and some outstandingly designed battlefields. Fingers crossed this won't be the last we'll see of the series.
Download Kingdom Rush (iPhone)
Download Kingdom Rush HD (iPad)
Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger's development studio, Madfinger Games, has had a torrid time with piracy on both iOS and Android, but we hope the experience hasn't dented its enthusiasm. The release of the first game marked a turning-point for mobile graphics, and we're still not so sick of zombies that we wouldn't say yes to another installment of this grisly but beautiful shooter. Any improvements? Sure, a little more variety in the map layouts and missions would make all the difference.
Download Dead Trigger (iOS)
Download Dead Trigger (Android)
100 Floors

The developer's still building the last couple of floors to complete this mobile puzzling masterpiece, but we hope there are plenty of ideas left over for a sequel. This wonderful WarioWare-like puzzler makes use of every element of our mobiles to offer up some mind-bending puzzles, and comes highly recommended to any gamer. Some of the puzzles are just a little too obscure, and we'd appreciate a bit of refinement in the way clues are handled.
Download 100 Floors (iPhone)
Download 100 Floors (Android)

We were blown away with the work Cyan Worlds did to turn the previously static map screens of Myst into a fully explorable 3D world. We know that the developer is currently working on a straight port of the follow-up game, Riven, but what we really want to see them do is turn that incredible puzzle adventure into another fully fleshed out world. We can only hope sales of realMyst will allow them to take on this technical challenge.
Download realMyst (iPad)
Plague Inc.

This fascinating (and slightly horrifying) plague simulator took everyone by surprise when it came out earlier this year. As the world fights to find a cure for your devilish creation, you'll need to adapt the nature, symptoms, and means of transmission of your disease so you can destroy humanity before it can destroy you. A very guilty gaming pleasure, and we'd like to see more of it.
Download Plague Inc. (iOS)

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