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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

5 More Android Games That Give Mario A Run For His Money

A bit ago, we told you about five lesser-known Android games we absolutely loved. The selection was difficult since Google Play is full of potentially amazing games. Today, we're highlighting five more games with which we're absolutely obsessed. From a fire-shooting sorcerer to a gun-slinging cowboy, these creative, inventive and totally addictive character-based games are more than mere distractions; they're immersive worlds that provide hours of satisfying gameplay.

Gunman Clive

Gunman Clive transports us into the Wild Wild West of the nineteenth century. Clive, a fast-slinging cowboy who's always got his fingers wrapped around his pistol, is going after a group of bandits who kidnapped the daughter of Mayor Johnson. We especially like the graphic pencil rendering and the unique humor of the game, which you can get a sense of in the trailer below. 16 levels await you, filled with big scary bosses hiding everywhere. If the game is running slow, we recommend you change modes or reduce the size of the screen.

Chronos & Cash

In Chronos & Cash, a thief and a robot trabel through time to plunder the estates of the wicked. Each level consists of a single screen, arcade-style. You've got to avoid villians on narrow platforms in order to achieve your objectives. Collect bags full of money and disguises along the way. We like the unlikely alliance of a thief and a robot traveling through time, as well as the ultra-retro pixelated graphics.

Babylonian Twins

Dive into Mesopotamia in 576 BCE  and solve some of the world's oldest puzzles with the Babylonian Twins. You'll uncover treasers hidden throughout the city. Both an interactive puzzle and a platform game, Babylonian Twins is highly addictive and wonderfully-made. It's also nice that the game lovingly recreates such emblematic places as the Tower of Babel, Gates of Babylon and the Hanging Gardens. We love!

Stellar Escape

From Mesopotamia, you can travel to space by playing Stellar Escape. You are Elliot Black, a courirer in the Beta sector. But after a frightful mistake, you are forced to flee from your spaceship. You must travel through the space stattion to get back to your spaceship and get back home. The free version of the game has 4 levels, but the full version has 15 and costs just $.99. Stellar Escape won me over with its undeniably cool graphics and simple, yet satisfying, controls.

Magic Portals HD

Magic Portals HD brings together elements of a classic 2D platform with complex puzzles. Dressed like Micky Mouse in Fantasia, only slightly more sinister, your character uses sorceryto create teleporting portals, send fire into the faces of baddies and collect jewels. The game includes a whopping 90 levels with plenty of puzzles to solve and bad guys to fight. We love the 16-bit style.

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