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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Airport City Android app

airportciti thumb 180x120 Airport City Android appFuture pilots prepare to take off, cause here is a new android game coming up as soon as possible, and I am sure that you would like to be first in the line to test it on your android device.
It looks that the developers from Game Insight are doing their job pretty well, they have a lot of games to offer us, and from the success that My Railway had, I think this Airport city game for android phones and android tablets is going to be the real deal. Now I don’t know when it’s going to be released on Android Market but when it’s going to be there I will surely let you know.
As for now, I have a short promo video with the game, and a little review of my first impressions on this awesome game. But before I get to more details, here you can watch the trailer:

As you can see the graphics are absolutely fascinating, you can’t see this kind of art even most of the newest flash games.
One of the greatest things about the games released from Game Insight is that all of the are free, and more than that in the game you won’t see any of other advertisements like you see in other games. So what about the game?

Airport City, is a great management game which again you can share it with your friends on facebook, twitter, you can send invites, and you can all play it together, in the game you can be the manager of the airport, you will have to train your pilots, control the air traffic, and also take care of the airport personal. You can have a lot of fun building airports, buying airplanes upgrades, you will have the chance of visiting the greatest countries all over the globe, from New York, London, Paris, Bucharest or Barcelona. Meet people learn about their cultures and way not learn how to make business with them.
Here are some screens from the game, if you want to see how it looks like.
airport city android images 01 Airport City Android app
As you can see there are more game modes or modules from which you can choose to play, here are just three of them.
airport city android images 02 Airport City Android app
Here you can see how it looks if you choose to play in the city-building mode. And the last one.
airport city android images 03 Airport City Android app
And here are some of the Game tasks that you will be experiencing in the game:
- Build hangars and runways
- Send planes to the far corners the globe
- Increase your level to unlock new destinations and buy new types of aircraft
- Import rare items from far-off lands
- Complete collections and exchange them for bonuses
- Organize last-minute daily charters for tourists
- Complete tons of quests for the characters you meet
- Receive exclusive gifts as rewards for passing themed quests
- Build your own unique jet-setter city
- Collect profits from commercial buildings and upgrade the infrastructure of your metropolis

Game Features:
- Beautiful graphics and high-quality sounds accompany every action
- Simple interface and engrossing gameplay
- Convenient tutorial and help features
- Lots of colorful characters, each with their own interesting story to tell
- Dozens of commercial and residential buildings, as well as decorations
- No advertisements
- The best part – you can download it for free!
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