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Friday, February 10, 2012

Gameloft Launches “Real Football 2012” for Android, Wicked “Stamina” Feature Included

"Real Football 2012" for Android

Launched in the Android Market only two days ago, Gameloft’s “Real Football 2012” has a 4.2 average rating based on around 300 votes from players who downloaded and installed the game.

Although the game has been receiving mixed reviews, the main reason is not the quality of the game “per se,” but the infamous "stamina" features  implemented by the developers.

"Real Football 2012" for Android (screenshot)

It appears that Gameloft introduced this “stamina” stat for in-game players which is depleting pretty fast after only several games. In order to remain competitive, Android users will need to replenish their teams’ stamina, which can only be done by in-app purchase.

That’s pretty wicked, but those who do not want to spend a dime on “Real Football 2012” can wait a rather long time until the “stamina” gauge is slowly replenishing.

Unfortunately, this is not the first game that gets this “stamina” system implemented, and probably won’t be the last either. “Let’s Golf 3” also has gotten the same “stamina” thing and has received mixed reviews as well.

"Real Football 2012" for Android (screenshot)

Most players are annoyed by this wicked “stamina” feature introduced by Gameloft in most of its freemium games. Here are some of the comments sent by  Android users who played “Real Football 2012":

Good game. I enjoy playing it on my phone. I put 3 stars because the stamina thing is anoying. U have to wait 1 day for a match. C'mon, this way a lot of users will quit playing it.”

after all complaints gamelft got from let's golf 3 because of the stamina they input it into this game as well? 1 star from me this is disgusting.”

This Freemium may work for some, but I want to pay for a game once then play it. There's also no need for this intrusive notifications on boot to get people to spend more!

“Real Football 2012” is now available as a free download in the Android Market and is fully compatible with all devices running

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