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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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Apps for London 2012 Olympics abound

 Cameroon assistant coach takes pictures by his iPad as his team stand for their national anthem during the group E women's soccer match between New Zealand and Cameroon at the London 2012 Summer Olympics, in Coventry, England, Tuesday, July 31, 2012. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

TORONTO: Whether it is a live video stream of the 100-meter dash, on-demand replays of diving, or notifications when the national team wins a medal, the mobile app is likely to play a greater role in the 2012 London Olympic Games.
Nearly 30 percent of 1,330 people questioned in an online survey said they would watch the Games on their smartphones, and 31 percent planned to view it on their tablets, according to TechBargains, a California-based deal aggregation website for electronic products, which conducted the poll.
Meanwhile, there are no shortage of apps available.
NBC Olympics on iOS and some Android devices has information including medal counts, news and athlete biographies.
The app also features the Prime Time Companion, which syncs with NBC’s primetime broadcast and allows users to access additional trivia, polls, slideshows and videos on what is currently being aired.
“If you’re watching something on Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte, it may have a popup that tells you to read their bios, offers you a slideshow of Ryan Lochte, or a video of Michael Phelps from Beijing,” said Chris McCloskey, vice president of communications for NBC Sports Group.
NBC Olympics Live Extra, a second app is only available in the United States. People looking to stream the event in Britain can download BBC Olympics for Android, iOS and Blackberry, while viewers in Canada can download CTV Olympics for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.
London 2012 Results is one of several official apps from the International Olympic Committee. It provides event results, schedules, medal counts and information on athletes and venues. The app is available worldwide for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices.
National teams have also released their own apps.
2012 Team USA Road to London lets fans send messages to U.S. athletes via Facebook or Twitter, and provides the latest updates on the team. The Australian team has an app called Australian Olympic Team London 2012.
When a major event happens at the Games, the Canadian Olympic Committee plans to release updates through its app, Canada Cheers 2012.
“This year’s Games are supposed to be the most social Games ever,” said Dimitri Soudas, executive director of communications for the Canadian Olympic Committee.
“We’ve really turned up the heat on being more interactive and engaging and providing more information to our fans.”
For strictly medal counts, Medals 2012, released by eGames Consulting, provides push notifications when the user’s national team wins.
The London 2012 Olympic Games began Friday and run until Aug. 12.
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Browser Option Is Only For Android Users

It can be said that any Smartphone or tablet is useless without a browser. The browser is not something new that we have started using on our tablet or Smartphone; browsers have been into existence since long as we have been using this on our computers as well. It can be said that browsers take us to all new world wherein one can explore the possibilities of knowing the world that is completely different. Initially, only internet explorer was introduced but later just like in all the other product’s market, the competition increased and various other browsers like that of Safari, Opera, Chrome and Mozilla was introduced. Each browser has its own set of features and different individuals like different browsers depending on the requirement and expectation that they have from the browser.
Today, almost all the company has a personalized browser and it doesn’t allow other browsers to work on their device. The Windows tablet allows the user to utilize Internet explorer and iOS operating system has their own browser. Among all these competitors, it can be said that Google is trying to be fair. Android operating system allows the user to install any browser that they like rather than just forcing the user to use chrome. It doesn’t mean that Google isn’t pushing its browser; they are pushing their browser but in the mean time, they are giving a fair chance to all the other browsers as well. It wouldn’t have been a difficult task for Google to block the usage of other browsers on their device but Google decided not to do so as that might hurt the user’s sentiments. If a person takes a look at an Android user’s device then they will realize that apart from Chrome, they might be having at least two more browsers installed.
If one discusses this issue with iOS then they clearly state that due to security issue they cannot allow installation of other browsers in their device. iOS has a webkit browser preinstalled on their iPhone and iPad; many users who have used an Android device and an iOS device states that the speed of webkit is very slow as compared to other browser like that of chrome and Opera. Recently, iOS allowed to built Safari and Chrome for iOS but it was noticed that certain important features were not supported in iOS. If a person uses Chrome in iOS then they would not get access to the option of opening multiple tabs thus, forcing the user to get back to the preinstalled browser. One of the major problems with preinstalled browser is that it cannot support pages that have been developed using JavaScript.
Chrome is trying to be in the competition by way of being fair and not like that of other browsers. There are many websites that are developed in such a way that they can be used completely only with the help of Chrome so this note is featured on these websites thus, allowing the user to get back to chrome rather than any other browser. Android device allows complete freedom of installation of any browser that the user wants thus, making it the best.

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Final Fantasy III (for Android)

Final Fantasy III (for Android)

  • Pros
    Faithful update of a classic. At least 40 solid hours of questing and monster-killing.
  • Cons Main plot isn't compelling. Very difficult for first five hours. Expensive.
  • Bottom Line
    Final Fantasy III is a moderately enjoyable traditional RPG for Android devices, but it doesn't have much of a story to buoy you along.

    An early-1990s RPG classic, Final Fantasy III has come to the Android Market with a very high price ($16.99 on Google Play) and equally high expectations. With mobile-focused producers like Kemco and Gamevil dominating the Android RPG space, can PC and console giant Square Enix show them how it's done? Not quite.
    The Android version of FF3 is a slightly updated port of the 2007 Nintendo DS release, which was a pretty major rewrite of the original 1990 Nintendo game. This is a classic Japanese console RPG: a party of four characters explores a world with two scales (outdoor and town/dungeon), collecting items and fighting monsters using turn-based combat as they grow in power.
    Graphics are pretty much a direct DS port as well, with an overhead view at three-quarters perspective. They don't stress Android devices, but they're a cut above some of the purely 8-bit RPGs you find on Google Play.
    The best aspect of game mechanics is the job system, which lets characters change classes at will. New classes get unlocked as the game goes on. Switching around classes adds a lot to the fun of the game, although unfortunately it's difficult to figure out what each one does without consulting online strategy guides.
    What's The Story?One of my biases comes to the fore here: I love a good story, and FF3 doesn't have one. For the first three hours or so of the game, you're left bumbling around knowing the main quest is something vague involving a crystal. Then you find out more, but the plot is still a vague MacGuffin, not the passionate and character-driven stuff you see from games like Symphony of Eternity.
    The characters, meanwhile, each get a bit of an origin but then act blandly generic throughout the game. Contrast that once again to Symphony, which keeps hitting notes of mystery, humor and romantic tension as time goes on.
    That said, if the journey is the destination, FF3 has plenty of journey—at least 40 hours' worth, if you're not already a Final Fantasy expert. While this is a linear quest with only a few side quests, every step of the linear quest is different. And the little sub-quests do have plots—save this town, rescue that princess—to keep you occupied.

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Top Free Android Games

Top Free Android Games

1. Angry Birds Space
Again ... really? Fine: Did you know that Angry Birds can now be played via gesture on Samsung Smart TVs? Pretty neat-o.

2. Angry Birds
(Should we even be surprised at this point?) Ooh--look! Angry Birds is headed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 3DS!

3. Logo Quiz
This trivia game from Bubble Quiz Games returns to test your knowledge of what consumers seem to be all about these days: brands. You'll point out over 700 logos and attach their images to the companies they represent. Looks like it's a blast for some people ... amazingly.
Pool Master Pro
4. Ant Smasher
Guess what you do in this game! But watch out for those bumblebees--they're a doozy. Best, Cool & Fun Games sure knows how to rope in the players. We'd love to be sarcastic about that, but the numbers make it fact.

5. Temple Run
Look, if you haven't played this game or at least heard about it yet, then we can't explain where the hell you've been. But really, if you're going to play an endless runner, this is where it's at.

Music Hero6. Fruit Ninja
Yet another one of those must-haves that the Android masses seem to still be catching up on with the rest of the mobile gaming world. Just hit that download button already.

7. Angry Birds Seasons
Dude, seriously? Ugh ... rumor has it that the next major Angry Birds game will focus in on the pigs rather than the birds. Scandalous!

8. Draw Something
We iPhone and iPad gamers have been there, done that. But this is still a brilliant mobile game no matter what you're playing it on.

9. Pool Master Pro
This is essentially the complete digital pool experience (pictured above) on your Android device, or at least that's what developer Terrandroid seems to bill it as. With 3D ball animation, 8-Ball and 9-Ball play modes and local multiplayer, it certainly sounds like it's getting there.

10. Music Hero
Have you played Rock Band? Guitar Hero? Tap Tap Revolution, perhaps? Good, then you'll know exactly how to tackle this rhythm game (pictured right) by Words Mobile. Aside from its impressive visuals, support for your very own MP3 library is what should set this music game apart.
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ThumbZilla lets you crush those puny fleeing humans and their city

For those of you with a superiority complex or just like to pretend you are a Godzilla like creature crushing the insignificant humans under your feet, then there is now a game for you to appeal to your sudden need crush an entire city and the population of it along with it.
ThumbZilla, developed by Soap Creative, will let you live out those human crushing cravings except on your Android device so you won't get in trouble with the law or have the army try to take you down. You'll play as a giant monster similar to that of the legendary Godzilla and start tramping your way through an infinite city, crushing cars and humans alike just because you can.

ThumbZilla Features:
- Awesome thumb stomping and kicking action
- Infinite city to thumb through
- Killer physics, kicked cars will destroy buildings, and squash the fleeing people.
- Hilarious voice over throughout
Crushing an infinite city isn't all serious business and to keep things in a lighter mood at times, you will be treated to some pretty entertaining voice acting in this game. Also, all the destruction you cause is physics-based, so you can kick a car and it will take out a part of a building which could make that building fall and crash into other structures and so on.
If you are ready to start taking your superiority issues out on a city, or just feel like releasing a little stress from the day, you can grab a copy of ThumbZilla off of the Google Play store for $1.99 and get to stomping on some humans.
Developer Website: Soap Creative
Google Play Link: ThumbZilla

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Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012

Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012

July has come and gone so quickly despite the long days and short nights, but it has left us with a few truly awesome games and if you still haven’t checked out the best new arrivals this month now should be the perfect time. We’ve brought together the best of iOS and Android in one place and this time there is quite a few titles, all of which caught our attention in one way or another.

With the big movie premiers in July, The Dark Knight Rises and Amazing Spider-Man game both climbed to the top of our listings, and they both offer some top notch graphics and excellent gaming experience for both Android and iOS.

Some awesome new puzzlers arrived - Amazing Alex is a game by Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, and that alone should capture your attention. We also have the brand new Where’s My Perry, building up on Disney’s hit game Where’s My Water.

But the biggest news for Android owners was definitely the arrival of Asphalt 7: Heat on the platform. For just a buck, it’s probably the best racing game on Android. The rest was mostly iOS - tons of new launches as we already said - so check them out below, and don’t forget to let us know about your favorites in the comments section!

Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012

. The Dark Knight Rises - Android, iOS - $6.99

The Dark Knight Rises is a brand new action and adventure game by Gameloft based on the eponymous movie. The ending of the Batman series comes with the hero reaching out for the costume after 8 long years when it only gathered dust. You’ll be meeting all of the enemies in the final chapter and protect Gotham City from Bane. The $6.99 price is high, but if you’re a fan of Batman you’d find it worth it.

The Dark Knight Rises for iPhone, iPad
The Dark Knight Rises for Android

est new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012

2. The Amazing Spider-Man - Android, iOS - $6.99

The action game about Spider Man here is inspired by a game launched more than 11 years ago, and with the amazing graphics available today, you’d be more than happy to roam around Manhattan throwing spider webs on building and hanging on them. You can go on and complete missions or just roam around the city, plenty of enjoyment in both.

The Amazing Spider-Man for iPhone, iPad
The Amazing Spider-Man for Android 

Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012


4. Amazing Alex - Android, iOS - $0.99

Amazing Alex is another physics game by Rovio, and while it might not turn out to be as popular as Angry Birds, it’s hugely addictive and fun. It also costs merely a dollar for 100 levels, but you can try out the game with 16 levels for free.

Amazing Alex for iPhone
Amazing Alex for Android


5. Where’s My Perry - iOS, Android - $0.99

Where’s My Perry is a sequel to Where’s My Water with similar water-based physics, but here you use water in all of its forms - liquid, ice and steam. The game is fun and as addictive as the original Disney game, and for a buck that’s quite a deal. The storyline goes through the fun platypus Perry from Phineas and Ferb who’s on a mission to do no less but save the world. 80 puzzles in 4 chapters and with promised updates definitely fulfil the $1 value.

Where’s My Perry for iPhone, iPad
Where’s My Perry for Android

Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012


6. Asphalt 7: Heat - Android - $0.99

Asphalt needs no introduction - it’s simply one of the best racing games available. And now its seventh interation has finally arrived on Android, weeks after the iOS launch.

Asphalt 7: Heat for Android 

Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012

12. SongPop - Android - Free

SongPop for Android is a must-have for music lovers. It’s basically a trivia game that plays part of a song and asks you to guess the melody, artists and so on. It’s also a challenge and it’s absolutely free on Android.

SongPop for Android

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