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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free TurboViewer v1 Offers First 3D DWG Viewing on Android

IMSI®/Design, the developer of TurboCAD®, the #1 best-selling CAD in retail, and DoubleCAD™, one of the most downloaded alternatives to AutoCAD® LT, today announced the debut of its popular free TurboViewer™ v1 app on the Android™ platform.
"It's no secret that Android's momentum has been astounding," stated Royal Farros, chairman and CEO of IMSI/Design. "Just as we did in the iPad and iPhone world, we're the first to bring native 3D DWG™ viewing to the exploding Android platform."
Named one of the Top 5 apps in the iOS world by Macworld/iWorld, free TurboViewer for Android includes:
  • Fast native 2D and 3D .DWG (Autodesk® AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT®) and .DXF viewing
  • Unique time-savers: Able to navigate full-screen preview during file load; Cancel errant file load
  • Smooth Multi-Touch navigation while panning, zooming, and orbiting
  • Restore saved AutoCAD views to quickly display the best vision of your design
  • Supports AutoCAD linetypes to maintain visual fidelity as intended
  • Autosense 2D or 3D drawings to automatically set appropriate gesture navigation of a drawing or model
  • Doesn't require Internet connection for remote field work
"We built TurboViewer from the ground up for mobile devices... but what we've found is TurboViewer may be the fastest 2D and 3D drawing viewer on any platform," added Farros.
Availability and Pricing
TurboViewer v1 for Android is free and available now from the Android Marketplace at:
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5 Best Free Android Games Released This Week (Editor's Pick)

This week we've got 5 games that hit the Android Market and deserve to be featured in our weekly roundup of the best free Android games released. Check out the list below in no particular order (although my favorites would have to be Burn The Rope and Helidrod 3D).

Best free Android games released this week

Burn the Rope - Worlds & Friends: Burn the Rope:Worlds & Friends, Playphone Edition 100 levels & 4 themed worlds! Burn the Rope:Worlds & Friends lights up your Android all over again with 100 brand-new levels, four different themed worlds including Jungle, Mechanical, Fantasy and Space; and an exciting brand new mini-game called Endless Burn.
Helidroid 3D - Helicopter RC: Helidroid 3D is a realistic 3D game, which let you control a little RC helicopter in a house. The first part takes place in a bedroom, where you have to accomplish 30 missions : At the beginning, there are only easy misisons, like taking off from the bed and landing on the desk. But step by step, the missions will become more and more complicated, and a lot of new toys will appear, like a car-circuit or an electronic-train... When you finish the game, you become a real pilot!
The Goolalies - Monster Pet: The Goolalies come from far far away planet to the Earth planet. They come with peace and like to be friends with humans. It’s your job to take care of them and protect them from enemies!
Mac Hunter: Help Mac Hunter find the golden treasure! Mac Hunter is an explorer monkey who loves treasures and golden coins. He must travel alongside the river, crossing the jungles, deserts and ancient ruins to gather all the blings on the way.
Dino Picker: This game is evolved from a fantasy story of alien world. There is a planet called 'Drakota" which is far from earth and it was habituated by alien creatures which has three life zones called "Desert", "Forest" and "Deep Sky". One day all their three life zones were occupied by dinosaurs causing havoc. The planet management calls on Mr. Crazy Pickers a special army commander to pick dino's and clean the planet. The Crazy Picker has a unique spaceship which can operate with fuel and can send powerful radiation beams. These beams can lift the dino's and transfer them to another planet. However the spaceship can pick all dino's without any difficulty but two species of dino's can release fire balls which can damage and collapse the spaceship. All depends upon the skill of Mr. Crazy Picker to operate spaceship without being hit by fireballs.
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Introducing The Humble Bundle For Android (Mac Linux and Windows)

Humble Bundle has just launched its cross-platformiest bundle ever: the Humble Bundle for Android (Mac Linux and Windows).

Pay whatever you want, and get four excellent games that will work on your Android mobile devices, as well as any Windows, Mac, and Linux computers you have: Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Osmos, and EDGE. Customers who pay more than the average will also receive World of Goo, an indie classic and an Android delight!
As per Humble tradition, these games are DRM-free and redeemable on Steam, and you have the option of designating part of your purchase to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play Charity. (You can also leave a tip for us, your humble game promotion organizers.)
Here's the lowdown on this bundle's mobile delights:

Anomaly: Warzone Earth

Anomaly is an intense reversal of the tower defense formula, with players managing a convoy's path through various war torn environments. Careful planning of powerups, unit composition, and more will make or break your journey. Anomaly: Warzone Earth has rocked gamers on Windows, OS X, and iOS, and is now available to challenge the tactics of Linux and Android gamers in high-definition.


In Osmos, you play an amoeba-esque creature (called a "mote") in a world with a few basic rules: you absorb smaller things, and bigger things absorb you. The catch? The amoeba propels forward by shooting out bits of itself, so move with care! Different game modes introduce opposing AI motes, gravity, and other twists, and a chilled out soundtrack provides the perfect mood for floating your way to cellular domination.


EDGE is a casual puzzle-platformer that challenges you to roll your cube through over 100 levels. The innovative level design and "edge hangtime" mechanic will test your planning and reflexes. Nothing can quite describe the satisfying noise of rolling your cube to victory and securing a speedy finish.

World of Goo

This critically acclaimed puzzler challenges you to build dramatic and innovative structures using goo balls. The somewhat sentient globs create rigid planks upon being placed in proximity to other goo balls, and with your help, they can escape! World of Goo is an indie classic, and the Android iteration gives the game a perfect new form factor for experiencing the magic of goo.
The Humble Bundle for Android will only be available for a limited time, so check it out and get your bundle today!
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Darts 3D Game App (Free) – Android

Can’t get enough of darts after you’ve left the bar or even the garage where your dart board is? — No worries there is hope yet! Darts 3D is a great simulation game that’s very realistic and interactive.
Throw a dart and the visual within the app brings you on the flight path of the dart till it lands on the dart board.
Game Tips:
1. Align dartboard gauge and place gauge’s circle on desired area/target.
2. Green aiming bar should be in the gauge circle to achieve highest accuracy.
3. Throw button is sensitive (bottom right corner) so touch lightly and launch dart.
4. Dart should land in the circle of the gauge if green bar was aimed accurately within the circle in #2
Game tips and available options
Move gauge within orange rectangle. Ensure circle is on desired target area
How to to land a bullseye!

  • Full internet access
  • Read phone state and identity
  • System access to prevent phone from sleepng
  • Free version comes with ads. Paid version Darts 3D Pro is $1.99 is ad free.
Multiplayer (online)
  • Dart tournaments and more
  • Game replays and spectating
  • Chat
  • Profile with statistics
  • Highscore and ranking
  • vs. Bot
  • vs. local player
  • Highscore
Have you played this game yet? What do you think of it?
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10 Best Multiplayer Android Mobile Games

We all know that Android is the best OS for mobiles these days and fully attracting all the mobile users around the world. The reason is - It comes with amazing applications, games, themes and features. Also you can get preloaded games and apps in your Android mobile. There are many free useful apps and all types of games available on the Internet. Some most popular multiplayer Android games you will find in this post.

These games are available to download on the Internet. Some of them are premium but you can find some best multiplayer games for free download in the list. You can easily download and install them directly to your mobile.Have a look on the below list:

These games are most popular among Android users and are free from suspicious files. Please download these from the given links for genuine games application file. There are many sites which providing pirated version of premium games but they not good for your Android OS. I recommend you to download these games from their official sites. Hope you like the list. Stay tuned for more collection. Have a nice day!

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Most Wanted Android Games for February 2012


Here is the list of the most wanted Android games this February!

  • Air Attack HD
  • A next-generation top down air combat shooter with stunning 3D graphics alongside great audio, effects and awesome gameplay.
  • Numerous Upgrades and Special Weapons
  • Destructible Bridges and Buildings
  • Shmup with Amazing 3D environments enhanced with LightMaps and SpecularMaps
  • 4 Control Types: Touch, Relative, Tilt, Joypad
  • Download the Free Version here.

  • Battle Boats 3D
  • “Battle Boats 3D” engages you in the bloody feud of three rival clans. This post-apocalyptic world has sunken almost entirely and the few remaining spots of land become a precious reward for the winner of this deadly skirmish between the fierce “Krakens”, cunning “Sea snakes” and noble “Dolphins”. Join one of them to gain your own patrol boat and start your military career.
  • The gameplay in “Battle Boats 3D” balances between thrilling racing without rules and 3rd person shooter. All the action takes place in huge water arenas where you’ll have to complete various missions and defeat the enemies from hostile clans. The money you earn from missions may be spent on new weapons and upgrades for your boat.
  •  Download it here.

  • Cut The Rope
  • Cut the Rope, catch a star, and feed Om Nom candy in this award-winning game!
  • The little monster Om Nom is hungry and the only thing standing between him and a full belly is you – that is your help cutting the ropes that hold the candy he wants. Swipe your finger across the ropes to release the delicious bundles into his mouth. But don’t forget to collect the stars and break the bubbles along the way – easier said than done when enemies and obstacles await!
  • Download it here.

  • Guerilla Bob THD
  • Dive into the Story Campaign where Guerrilla Bob fights through dangerous canyons, steep deserts and dreadful towns. Alternatively, engage in Survival Mode where endless enemies come at Bob from all directions in a closed arena environment. There are extra difficulty modes for players who think they’re an expert!
  • Guerrilla Bob THD offers stunning visuals, cross-platform multiplayer, an arsenal of kick-ass weaponry, unique enemies, explosive ammunition and non-stop humor.
  • Download it here.

  • Samurai Vengeance II
  • Samurai II is a true successor, aided by over a year of focused development. Overall production values and vicious action put Samurai II on par with console 3D brawlers. Screenshots don’t do Samurai II justice – the fluid action has to be seen running at 60 frames per second.Samurai II sends Daisuke on a quest for revenge across the war-scorched countryside. From a seafaring village to a flying fortress to the legendary Isle of the Dead, the samurai will stop at nothing to hunt down his arch-enemy Orochi. 
  • Download it here.

  • Seven Stars 3D
  • In one day of ancient times, the Big Dipper was hidden by an evil monster suddenly. Human being lost their guide in the night. Your task is to take seven stars out of the maze set by monster and send them back to heaven.
  • OpenGL ES 3D graphics 
  • Chinese art style
  •  APP to SD
  • Download it here.

  • Tank Riders
  • A challenging single-player campaign, downloadable levels and the ability to face off against friends and foes in frenzied multiplayer battles ensures an experience that will stay fresh and fun.
  • Attack hordes of oncoming baddies with an arsenal of cannons, missiles and mortars!
    Bounce shots off walls to hit lurking enemies before they have a chance to attack!
  • Download it here

  • Peggle
  • Peggle is a puzzle game that challenges you to bounce balls over pegs to clear them from the map. It may sound simple, but the reality is anything. 
  • Conquer 55 levels and wield 10 Magic Powers in Adventure mode. Put your skills to the ultimate test with 75 challenges.
  • Download it here.
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Android games contain malware

Symantec is reporting that 13 Android apps are infected with malware. The download figures for the apps in question suggest that many hundreds of thousands of smartphones and tablets may be affected. The affected applications are games from iApps7 Inc, Ogre Games and redmicapps and are infected with a trojan called Counterclank which Symantec says is a modified version of last year's Tonclank trojan. The apps request unusually extensive permissions during installation, such as access to the bookmarks list, browser history, location data, telephone status and identity information.

Symantec say this wallpaper app, still on the Android Market, also contains the CounterClank trojan Zoom
Affected devices can be identified by the presence of a service named apperhand and in some cases by the appearance of a search icon on the home screen. According to Symantec, the malware reads data such as bookmarks, device information, IMEI and SIM card numbers and modifies the browser's start page. The criminals behind the malware make their money by displaying unsolicited ads. The malware is relatively easy to remove and can be uninstalled under Settings ➤ Applications ➤ Manage applications. Some of the apps listed by Symantec are apparently still available in the Android Market.

The combined download figures of all the malicious apps indicate that Android.Counterclank has the highest distribution of any malware identified so far this year.
Publisher Malicious App Title Category
iApps7 Inc Counter Elite Force Arcade & Action
iApps7 Inc Counter Strike Ground Force Arcade & Action
iApps7 Inc CounterStrike Hit Enemy Arcade & Action
iApps7 Inc Heart Live Wallpaper Entertainment
iApps7 Inc Hit Counter Terrorist Arcade & Action
iApps7 Inc Stripper Touch girl Entertainment
Ogre Games Balloon Game Sports Games
Ogre Games Deal & Be Millionaire Sports Games
Ogre Games Wild Man Arcade & Action
redmicapps Pretty women lingerie puzzle Photography
redmicapps Sexy Girls Photo Game Lifestyle
redmicapps Sexy Girls Puzzle Brain & Puzzle
redmicapps Sexy Women Puzzle Brain & Puzzle
Symantec is continuing with further investigation and we will post more information as we discover it.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bugs War v1.0 (1.0) Apk Android Game Download

You like squashing bugs with zillions of different weapons
This is the game for you.

* features
1.Endless type of bugs
2.Lots of Blood and Explosions!
3.Story mode and endless mode
4.Totally 3D game experience.
5.Crazy and Awesome Weapons + many more are coming with the next Update!

Tags: bugs war android.


View bigger - Bugs War for Android screenshot

View bigger - Bugs War for Android screenshot

View bigger - Bugs War for Android screenshot      View bigger - Bugs War for Android screenshot

Download Now: Android Market

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32 best android games for you

Android is one of the best operating systems in the market and there are a lot of awesome and beautiful apps on android phone. So games are the most amazing way to keep your-self busy and get entertainment as well.There are a lot of games in the android market but most of them don’t worth it. so here i have a list of top 100 games in the android market. i might have missed some games in my list that you can tell me in the comments so here is the list of 100 games that can entertain you.
the one of best game for the android and many of you are familiar with this name “Angry Birds”
1. Angry Birds:   Use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs’ fortresses!The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ fortresses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based game-play and hours of replay value. Each of the 300 levels requires logic, skill, and force to solve.
2. Shadow Gun:  One of the best-looking mobile games ever created  Version for Tegra 2, Mali-400, Adreno and PowerVR devices released The year is 2350, and corrupt intergalactic corporations are the rule of law, hiring bounty hunters and mercs to do their bidding. The best of the best are known as SHADOWGUNS
3. Modern Combat 3: When war hits home, abandon all fear.
This game requires around 1.37 GB of free storage spa In your device.
The best smartphone FPS series returns with even higher intensity and apocalyptic battles.A really Nice Game for play.

4. GTA3: after a long wait GTA 3 is now available in the android market.this game is been awesome for PC’s and Play-stations and Xbox’s. So here it is for the android.
5. Blood and Glory (NR)
This is really awesome game. The graphics of this game is fantastic and  if you are finding a blade’s game then this could be the best game for you.

6. Intertia:
Inertia’s tight controls and unique gameplay is really impressive. Typically, I don’t fair too well with onscreen d-pads and buttons but Inertia makes you feel like a gaming god when you successfully complete a challenge.

7.  Where’s my water: This is an puzzle game for the users. In which user tries to get water to swampy.

8. Muffin Knight:
This action platformer, which takes cues from indie PC game Super Crate Box, adds a layer of RPG-style character development. The varied levels and irreverent weapons are fun to navigate — usually one hit means death. Sessions are short, great for picking up and playing whenever you have a minute or two.

9. Plants vs zombies:
This strategy game, which combines elements of castle defense and tower defense, is brilliant for its excellent progression. This is really awesome game and it really good for the casual user.

10.  Star Legends:
this is really awesome game but the graphics are not really god but the this is it is an good cross-platform’s easy to join missions with random people, or to form guilds in which regular groups of players work together to conquer missions.

11. Reckless getaway:
Playing this game is really fun because this game is Really awesome when you are driving Reckless. its destruction potential caused by police  while racing gives so much fun…

12. Robotek:
About this game is that players tries to free the world from the machines.Combat involves strategic usage of a slot machine system, where choosing different slots can impact battle by calling up new units, fortifying defenses, or unleashing devastating attacks.This is really nice to play this game.
13. Cut the rope:
This is an Puzzle game really amazingly designed to work on various machines. Many of the creative levels introduced in the iOS version are available here, and protagonist Om Nom is still as adorable and animated as ever.

14. Age of Zombies:
Really awesome game when a player saw his screen filled with worms and he must have to slik through the corner of screen.


15. Sonic CD:
Like the original title, players have the ability to time travel to the past, and thus affect elements in the future.
16. Pew Pew 2:
17. Sprinkle:


18. Battle Heart:

19. Windup Knight:[Download]
20. Super stickman Golf:
21. Field Runner:
22. Great Little war game:
23. Death Worm:
24. Dragon Hunter:

25. iblast Moki:
26. Majesty fantasy kingdom:

27. Puzzle Quest 2:
28. xenowar:
29. Pollushot:
30. Appartus:
31. Grabatron:

32. Jelly Defense:
so here is a list of 32 games which you can download and play. hope you like this post.
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