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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Browser Option Is Only For Android Users

It can be said that any Smartphone or tablet is useless without a browser. The browser is not something new that we have started using on our tablet or Smartphone; browsers have been into existence since long as we have been using this on our computers as well. It can be said that browsers take us to all new world wherein one can explore the possibilities of knowing the world that is completely different. Initially, only internet explorer was introduced but later just like in all the other product’s market, the competition increased and various other browsers like that of Safari, Opera, Chrome and Mozilla was introduced. Each browser has its own set of features and different individuals like different browsers depending on the requirement and expectation that they have from the browser.
Today, almost all the company has a personalized browser and it doesn’t allow other browsers to work on their device. The Windows tablet allows the user to utilize Internet explorer and iOS operating system has their own browser. Among all these competitors, it can be said that Google is trying to be fair. Android operating system allows the user to install any browser that they like rather than just forcing the user to use chrome. It doesn’t mean that Google isn’t pushing its browser; they are pushing their browser but in the mean time, they are giving a fair chance to all the other browsers as well. It wouldn’t have been a difficult task for Google to block the usage of other browsers on their device but Google decided not to do so as that might hurt the user’s sentiments. If a person takes a look at an Android user’s device then they will realize that apart from Chrome, they might be having at least two more browsers installed.
If one discusses this issue with iOS then they clearly state that due to security issue they cannot allow installation of other browsers in their device. iOS has a webkit browser preinstalled on their iPhone and iPad; many users who have used an Android device and an iOS device states that the speed of webkit is very slow as compared to other browser like that of chrome and Opera. Recently, iOS allowed to built Safari and Chrome for iOS but it was noticed that certain important features were not supported in iOS. If a person uses Chrome in iOS then they would not get access to the option of opening multiple tabs thus, forcing the user to get back to the preinstalled browser. One of the major problems with preinstalled browser is that it cannot support pages that have been developed using JavaScript.
Chrome is trying to be in the competition by way of being fair and not like that of other browsers. There are many websites that are developed in such a way that they can be used completely only with the help of Chrome so this note is featured on these websites thus, allowing the user to get back to chrome rather than any other browser. Android device allows complete freedom of installation of any browser that the user wants thus, making it the best.

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