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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012

Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012

July has come and gone so quickly despite the long days and short nights, but it has left us with a few truly awesome games and if you still haven’t checked out the best new arrivals this month now should be the perfect time. We’ve brought together the best of iOS and Android in one place and this time there is quite a few titles, all of which caught our attention in one way or another.

With the big movie premiers in July, The Dark Knight Rises and Amazing Spider-Man game both climbed to the top of our listings, and they both offer some top notch graphics and excellent gaming experience for both Android and iOS.

Some awesome new puzzlers arrived - Amazing Alex is a game by Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, and that alone should capture your attention. We also have the brand new Where’s My Perry, building up on Disney’s hit game Where’s My Water.

But the biggest news for Android owners was definitely the arrival of Asphalt 7: Heat on the platform. For just a buck, it’s probably the best racing game on Android. The rest was mostly iOS - tons of new launches as we already said - so check them out below, and don’t forget to let us know about your favorites in the comments section!

Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012

. The Dark Knight Rises - Android, iOS - $6.99

The Dark Knight Rises is a brand new action and adventure game by Gameloft based on the eponymous movie. The ending of the Batman series comes with the hero reaching out for the costume after 8 long years when it only gathered dust. You’ll be meeting all of the enemies in the final chapter and protect Gotham City from Bane. The $6.99 price is high, but if you’re a fan of Batman you’d find it worth it.

The Dark Knight Rises for iPhone, iPad
The Dark Knight Rises for Android

est new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012

2. The Amazing Spider-Man - Android, iOS - $6.99

The action game about Spider Man here is inspired by a game launched more than 11 years ago, and with the amazing graphics available today, you’d be more than happy to roam around Manhattan throwing spider webs on building and hanging on them. You can go on and complete missions or just roam around the city, plenty of enjoyment in both.

The Amazing Spider-Man for iPhone, iPad
The Amazing Spider-Man for Android 

Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012


4. Amazing Alex - Android, iOS - $0.99

Amazing Alex is another physics game by Rovio, and while it might not turn out to be as popular as Angry Birds, it’s hugely addictive and fun. It also costs merely a dollar for 100 levels, but you can try out the game with 16 levels for free.

Amazing Alex for iPhone
Amazing Alex for Android


5. Where’s My Perry - iOS, Android - $0.99

Where’s My Perry is a sequel to Where’s My Water with similar water-based physics, but here you use water in all of its forms - liquid, ice and steam. The game is fun and as addictive as the original Disney game, and for a buck that’s quite a deal. The storyline goes through the fun platypus Perry from Phineas and Ferb who’s on a mission to do no less but save the world. 80 puzzles in 4 chapters and with promised updates definitely fulfil the $1 value.

Where’s My Perry for iPhone, iPad
Where’s My Perry for Android

Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012


6. Asphalt 7: Heat - Android - $0.99

Asphalt needs no introduction - it’s simply one of the best racing games available. And now its seventh interation has finally arrived on Android, weeks after the iOS launch.

Asphalt 7: Heat for Android 

Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games for July 2012

12. SongPop - Android - Free

SongPop for Android is a must-have for music lovers. It’s basically a trivia game that plays part of a song and asks you to guess the melody, artists and so on. It’s also a challenge and it’s absolutely free on Android.

SongPop for Android

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