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Sunday, February 12, 2012

RunnerGames releases Ceramic Destroyer for Android


Almost a month ago today we covered a game called Ice Breaker! on our sister-site; it was a good game that just needed a little polish to make it great. Looks like I wasn’t the only person thinking that as the old game is gone and a new game called Ceramic Destroyer has taken its place. Is the new version better than the last? Read on to find out…
In the old you were given spiky bombs to fire at ice, and this time around you’ll be firing at ceramics. You pull back a little slingshot device to fire your spiky bombs and have to hit a 90% destroyed rate to advance. There are several different kinds of bombs to sling and a slew of ceramics/levels to shatter with the final count coming it at 80. The game is still missing a few small things like achievements, but overall Ceramic Destroyer is much better than its predecessor.


The game only comes in one flavor at the moment which is free with ads. The ads are there present in the menus but thankfully not during the gameplay. Ceramic Destroy is an excellent time killer and an Android game I highly recommend for anyone and everyone.  You can pick up RunnerGames Ceramic Destroyer for free in the Android market.

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