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Sunday, February 12, 2012

PewPew: A Fast, Fun Retro Shooting Game

For both iOS and Android, there are plenty of games that can waste a lot of our time. However, out of all the games in existence, there is a much smaller number of games that are actually high-quality and worth playing. Even more, how many of these games are absolutely free?

By the time you get to answering that last question, the number of games that meet those qualifications has gone down dramatically, so it’s important (for those that enjoy gaming on their phones) to know what these games are – both free and high-quality.

About PewPew

PewPew is a prime example of a game that fits all these qualifications. In a simplified descriptions, it’s a retro shooter game that may remind you at first of Asteroids, as you cruise around in a space ship, shooting down all your enemies. However, the developers have made numerous interesting twists to the game that make it action-packed, fast, and fun. I’d even go so far as to say that it’s one of the best games, hands down.


Installation is as easy as search and click in the Android Market (or follow this link). iOS users should do the same, or follow this link. If you search, you’ll see PewPew and PewPew2. Don’t worry about the differences, except that PewPew2 costs around $3. PewPew2 is mainly to support the developers while packing in a few more features, but the original PewPew should be good enough as it’s updated constantly with new stuff to keep you interested.


One of the first things you’ll notice when you first start the game is the soundtrack, which is enabled by default but can be turned off by a single click on the main screen. I find the soundtrack to be high-quality, and it fits very well with the retro attitude of the game. The only complaint about the game would have to come from this department, however, because aside from the sound effects, this is the only background music, put on a continuous loop. I’m not sure how that can be fixed, as the music is good, but it just gets a little annoying after looping for over half an hour, like with every other song, no matter how good it is.

Game Modes

When you want to start a game, you’ll be shown plenty of different game modes for you to try out. There are so many, each with it’s very unique style of gameplay, that I won’t go into detail with any of them. Just try them all and find out for yourself! All you need to remember is that the left “trackpad” controls the direction of the spaceship, while the right trackpad controls where the ship shoots.

As far as PewPew is concerned, Pandemonium is the classic style of gameplay. It’s very fun to play, and is where you’ll get most of your fast-paced action. The screenshot above comes from the Pandemonium mode.

A Smooth Experience

Speaking of gameplay, I must commend the developers for doing an excellent job. I haven’t experienced a single game where the gameplay was smoother than in PewPew. There is absolutely zero lag during the entire length of gaming. Hardware-limited Android phones may still suffer some slight lag, but it will be better than with any other game of this quality.

Additional Features

PewPew also offers to record your high scores (duh), either locally or on the internet. However, PewPew also offers a feature that I was very surprised but pleased to see: replays. PewPew records everything that you do in every game that you play, and those recorded replays will be accessible from the high scores list by clicking on the Play button to the left of each score. Not only does this work for your own, local games, but you can also download the top high scores from the internet, and then look at the replays of those games. This way you can see how that one person in the top spot even got that score, which is almost as entertaining as playing the game itself.


Overall, I can’t recommend PewPew enough. If you’re a gamer and don’t have PewPew on your device, you’re seriously missing out. Even if you’re not a gamer, install PewPew anyways (our check out our recommendations for Android, iPhone, or iPad). That way it’ll already be there whenever you’re feeling a little bored or got some time to kill. Oh, and I’m not responsible for any addictions that may be the result of this article! Have fun!

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