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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Remote Web Desktop Full Remote Web Desktop Full – Full Control

I sometimes can't help but feel a little apprehensive vis-à-vis our lives becoming a wee bit too easy and comfortable thanks to miraculous recent advances in technology. Creepy human highway scene in Wall-E, anyone? We love our smartphones – and, admittedly, some of us are absolutely addicted to them – but we’d like to remain at least semi-smart and preferably physically autonomous ourselves, thank you very much.

App Screenshots

So without wanting to sound like I’ve become totally lazy and dependent on my gizmos and gadgets—I have to confess that sometimes when I’m working on my computer I kind of don’t feel like getting up to check my phone for incoming text messages.

I was at my desk the other day thinking just that, so I decided to do a quick Market search for an application that would allow me to access my phone via my computer. What I came up with is Remote Web Desktop Full.
Available via the App Center in the "Tests" category.
USD 3.93 – Buy app                

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