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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Android Gaming What To Play


So the site is about gaming, and therefor it’s time to introduce gaming on the go. Lets start with android. There are multiple games to play and different ways to play them, wether it be emulating them or simply loading them up from your android device downloaded from the market. Here are some of my top games and emulators
Note; games are in a random order.

1- Super Mario World, Emulated by the SNesoid

Super Mario
One of the Classics, this game has to be an all time favourite, and a few bonuses are that its playable on all android devices due to the lack of system requirements and it’s a very small download, easy enough to download off your 3G on the go. Go classic and play this game! – The SNesoid emulator has recently been removed from the android market, infact all emulators have, to download I suggest going on a site called Slideme


Who ever likes a bit of a mess around game or a game you strive to complete this one is a must, It’s a complete port I believe from the PC edition so the graphics are exactly the same as you can remember them, It’s an outstanding game for a mobile, and for those who have the Xperia Play it’s controller compatible, This game is one of the more Pricey titles though, yet Definetly worth it.

3- Trail X2

Just a little arcade game here to play when your bored, though I must add this game is really addictive! The graphics aren’t too shabby either, Its a fun game to play and if you like similar games to this available on the Xbox or miniclip its a must have. Controls are flexible too in order to suit your way of playing, you can tilt the phone, use Xperia keys or have some on screen buttons. Its up to you ;)

4- Smash Bro’s Emulated by the N64oid

This personally is my all time favourite! Its amazing. Good graphics, smooth gameplay and extremely fun. if you currently have a android device next to you at this time, get on to the website slideme, download the emulator and get this game! The ROM for the emulator is best downloaded from Doperoms, I have in the past used Coolroms however lately each rom i download will not load for some reason.

5- PES 2012

Now when it comes to Xbox I will go against PES and say FIFA is the best game. However comparing FIFA and PES on android I reckon that the graphics on PES just out do FIFA too far, also the gameplay is more fun to me. If you like a good football game and are looking for one to play on the go, I would say this is the one to get, with added features like training mode it’s pretty good to kill the boredom.

6- Minecraft Pocket Edition

Such a fun little game to be playing and even better on the Xperia play because it’s optimized for the controller, dont worry if you dont think the game will run smooth because in the options menu you can limit the graphics and the fog distance to improve gameplay, Its very addictive, just let your imagination run wild and create what you want. A downfall would be that it really does need updating!

7- The Legend of Zelda Emulated by the SNesoid

This is a childhood classic for me, the campaign mode is one you will find hard to pull yourself away from, I promise you wont be satisfied until it is completed, yet once you have completed it you will no doubt be frustrated like me because you just want it to go on and on! Beware though this game is pretty difficult, the bosses are insane.

8- Reckless Racing

Another little arcade game here for you to kill the boredom with, Reckless racing is like no other racing game, it’s in someways similar to Micro Machines, it’s a sort of birds eye view of the car and the cars them self drift a lot, all in all it’s just a fun game to play, I enjoyed it and im pretty sure you will too. Graphics are pretty neat too.

9- Modern Combat 3

Now I cant say too much about this game because in truth I don’t even have it myself, however I have seen gameplay and I must say the graphics are really visually great for an android game, also it boasts a good online multiplayer system perfect for those looking to further their skills. Trust me I know this game is good because I get my brother telling me everyday how amazing it is and how I need! to download it. Want to know more about this Title, speak To LuKez

10- Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

This Game is pretty good I have to say! Its a fun game in where you can play as the cop or the getaway car in your career mode. The graphics are really great too, If you have played the console version of this game its pretty much exactly the same except it’s on your mobile not your TV. If your more into a good career game with good graphics and not so much an arcade game player this title is a must have.

There we have it, I have put in 10 games for you android lovers to play, and to be honest if you dont like one of that ten then there is something seriously wrong with you, just a quick suggestion, if you like the idea of emulators like me, and you want access to hundreds of more games i suggest downloading the following SNesoid (SNES), FPse (PS2), N64oid (N64) and Gameboid (GBA)

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