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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Flick Soccer! HD game for Android lets you flick, kick & score!

Flick Soccer! HD game for Android lets you flick, kick & score!

Flick Soccer! is an extremely glitzy soccer game for Android. Made by the same developers as Flick Golf!, the game features impressive graphics, immersive sound and more options and modes than you can kick a ball at.
Price: ~$0.99
Tested on: HTC Desire HD
Content Rating: Low Maturity

Pros & Cons:

  • Detailed graphics!
  • Great authentic sounds!
  • Lots of gameplay modes!
  • After-touch is a little bit unpredictable.
  • Often takes a while to load.


Flick Soccer! immerses players into a big-game soccer environment. Controls are straightforward to understand. Flick your finger over the ball in the direction you want to shoot it, then, as the ball is in flight move your finger over the screen if you want to add swerve. Simple as that!
There are several differing modes of play with Flick Soccer! Firstly you have ‘Quickshot’ where you shoot to score as many goals in 60 seconds. There is a target to aim for which will give you small time extensions. With ‘Endurance’ you have to score as many goals as you can. You have ‘lives’ which are lost when you miss. There is a target to shoot at and if you’re accurate enough you can win extra lives. ‘Challenge Mode’ sets scores for each kick; the more accurate you shoot the higher the score. In this mode you have to reach a certain score to move to the next level. Levels here take you from Trainee through to Superstar. Then there is ‘Crossbar’ mode where you have to hit the glowing crossbar as often as possible in the set time. ‘Smash It’ mode has the goal covered in plate glass which you have to smash. This level starts easy- there’s only one pane to smash, but gets harder with more and more individual glass panes to hit.
One of the first things I noticed about the game was how long it takes to load- often 30 seconds or more to start a mode. While obviously the rich graphics, sounds and mode features are loading, less patient gamers might just give up. The other issue is the deployment of ‘after touch’. This is where you add spin to the ball while it is in mid-flight by sweeping across the screen. This, I find it pretty counter-intuitive. In a real game of soccer you have no control over the ball once you kick it- so it seems unnatural to do so here. In a similar soccer title- ‘Flick Kick Football‘ you shoot by curving the flick you make to kick the ball. So if it needs to curve around a wall of defenders, you make a curved shape when you move your finger. This, for me at least, feels far more intuitive. The other downside to ‘after-touch’ is that you are putting your finger in the way of the action- it’s hard to tell if the kick needs swerving if your finger is in the way.
When playing Flick Soccer! I’m immediately reminded of ‘Flick Kick Football’ as both games feature the flick-to-kick controls, lustrous 3D graphics and heavy polish. I find that ‘Flick Kick Soccer’ has a more natural feel to it, as discussed above. While sound is relatively similar in both titles, Flick Soccer! does include a few more options; such as the ‘Smash It’ and ‘Crossbar’ modes which adds diversity to the gameplay. On reflection, I think it’s fair to say that both games are pretty much equal- where one falls short the other is better and vice-versa.

Fun Factor:

Once you are comfortable with how long the game often takes to load, Flick Soccer! is lots of fun and very playable. The controls are easy so it’s a casual game that anyone can play. Accuracy is important but you improve the more you play and it’s fun while you do so.


Because it’s so easy to play, and there is such a diverse range of options, Flick Soccer! is undoubtedly addictive. I guess that captivation might wane in light of lengthy loading times but the game is highly immersive if you have the patience.


The graphics really are first class. Detailed 3D visuals with sweeping camera angles and cool player animations. Menus are also first rate and very slick.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

There is a cool indie-rock music track called ‘Help Me Out’ by the band Cafe Racer. Aside from this the game features realistic soccer sounds; spectators cheering, kicking sounds, effects of the ball hitting defenders and goalkeepers. All in all this produces a highly polished and authentic feel to the game.

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