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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cut and Slice [V11_02_2012]

The extraordinary Cut Slice Free Game, a nonplus mind game! By Best Addictive Brain Games.
Cut Slice is a unequivocally good addictive nonplus game. Exercise your mind skills with a lot of humorous severe strange levels.
To play simply hold a shade to cut those crate shapes!
The idea is to cut a figure into ideally equal slices.
Two opposite cut modes! Choose what we prefer:
1) Multi-touch: Fast, though requires some-more experience.
2) Single-touch: Lets we use usually one finger, some-more accurate.
Click a menu during a diversion to name for song and sound controls and other options.
Have problems to finish a level? Use hints button!
You have  25 hints during a commencement of a game, though use them smartly. You can’t cheat. To acquire new hints we have to win levels ideally (5 stars).
Earn 50 stars on any Scene to turn adult and have a subsequent stage open.
The initial levels are flattering simple, though shortly a diversion is removing some-more challenging.
This is a many classical and extraordinary mind puzzler, full of gaming fun!
You are going to spend copiousness of time and plea yourself in another one of a lovely FREE addictive games!
Highly interesting for kids, both boys and girls!
New episodes are entrance soon! ;)
+ extraordinary series of levels
+ overwhelming gameplay
+ 3 miraculous opposite episodes
+ glorious graphics
+ strange levels
+ new, fresh, sparkling puzzles!
+ designed both for inscription and phone
+ hours of delight for FREE!
+ stars ranking to keep we some-more challenged
+ hints that might beam you
+ remove option

Coming Soon:
++ special (users) levels episode.
++ opposite users profiles.
++ levels combined by users! The turn will have your initials!
++ sorcery magnets inspiring blade during a cut!!

Download Cut and Slice [V11_02_2012] from android market for free

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