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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Popular Swype coming to Android 4.0 devices soon

Swype is a popular app and an Android user favorite.  The third party keyboard app seemingly traces your finger across the touch keyboard and allows you to type without lifting your finger.  One issue that has come up recently is that the popular mobile app has not been launched for the latest version of the Android operating system.  Someone offers up a hacked version for the Galaxy Nexus, by the same hack does not work at all for any ICS updated tablets.  That is where the makers of Swype come in, as they officially announced the release of their latest version that will work with Android 4.0.
The company posted on Twitter, last Wednesday, saying the update to the app is just “days away” from launch and another tweet shortly after confirmed the update will include Ice Cream Sandwich support and more “goodies”.  Early last month, Swype tweeted that is wanted to release the update in January and looks like they will miss it by only one week.  The third party mobile app is not available through the Android Market and requires you to sign up for the company’s free beta program.  Once you sign up you will be able to download the program from there.
According to the Swype web site the company was acquired by Nuance, the company that developed Dragon Naturally Speaking software.  There are plenty of tutorials and facts about Swype on the web site as well.  Basically, the keyboard app allows you to create messages by drawing a line through the letters that you want.  You are only required to lift your finger when you reach the last letter of the word you are spelling.  Swype also automatically adds the spaces between words so that you can move right on to the next without an additional tap.  Double letters are handled by scribbling, or making a “loop”, slightly on the one letter you need doubled.
Swype also provides a list of words as you swipe your finger.  As you move across the letters to form your word, Swype makes suggestions that can browse through and tap to select making the “typing” even faster.  The Swype app also allows users to add words to their personal dictionary for use in future messages.  If you make a mistake, the app allows you to easily remove the word simply by double tapping the word, then you are able to swipe another word to replace it.

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