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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2 Great Time Killing Games [TicTacToe & Solitaire]

So, besides all the great ‘useful’ apps we tend to post on here, I thought I’d take a moment out and showcase 2 ‘useless’ apps … well useless in the ‘utility’ sense.  They do serve a purpose to help me waste time.

Tic Tac Toe

No word of  a lie, when I was in Grade 10 Math, I was in an ‘advanced’ course and one day the teacher (best Math Teacher ever, gotta find Mr. MacLean and tell him) just said “go and play Tic Tac Toe for the afternoon and come back later”.  The come back later was meant as we would have to show him that we thought up a way to either “always win” or “always draw”.  We would play 10 games where we started first and if we won, we got a point.  We would play 10 games where he would start and if we lost we’d lose a point, but if we won we’d gain a point.
Pretty cool stuff when you’re in Grade 10 and told to go play games.
Well, it turns out I’ve forgotten everything from that day in 1992 as my co-worker trounced me a few games during a boring presentation.  So I had to bone-up my skills.
With all that lead up… the game will sound kinda plain, but it does EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT IT TO.  Play tic-tac-toe.  There’s even the old chalkboard feel to it.  Can’t argue with free either.  Only down side is that you can’t play with another person (would be cool if they had an android and you could play via BT or whatnot…), so no ‘couples game’ for V-Day people.
But, give it a try anyways.

Solitaire Ultra

I like simple games, and none better than the ubiquitous Solitaire.  Every device I’ve ever had has had to have some version of this on it if it was worth its salt.
But, I haven’t played it in a while, so I gave this a try on a recommend from twitter… it’s nice.
Besides being exactly what you want it to be, it also has that ‘cartoony’ feel about it as everything is animated very fluidly and even has a great ‘video sequence’ when you win.
I like this a lot.  Tho’ I notice that in 3 card style vs. just single card (I won’t get into the variations as there’s a huge heated debate amongst card players as to what is the TRUE solitaire) my win % is down slightly … yeah, I’ve already played THAT MANY games on it.

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