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Friday, January 27, 2012

Android Game of the Week – Assaulter

This week’s Android game of the week I’m going to look at Assaulter for Android. Basically, a carbon copy of the Metal Slug series developed for mobile devices, Assaulter takes the best features of Metal Slug and delivers a frantic yet streamlined gaming experience.
If you haven’t check out last week’s review of Jelly Defense go have a read.
With simplistic controls, frantic on-screen action and enough weapons to keep a marine sergeant happy, Assaulter is an Android title which should be on everyone’s “To Download ” list.

Start from the choice of 3

From the start of each mission you have the ability to choose from 3 characters:
  • A Scout who owns a Small Machine Gun
  • Sniper with a Sniper Rifle and,
  • The Rocketer with Rocket Propelled Grande gun.
Each character has their own special ability and attributes from extra health or extra damage, and as you progress through the game you can either collect or buy more attribute items in addition to the pre existing mods.

Attribute items can range from:
  • Grenade
  • Armor
  • Class and,
  • Weapons modifications
These can be upgraded from the games in game menu or obtaining them after defeating bosses through various levels.

Upgrade your weapons

As you progress enemies become a little harder to kill as their health and damage increase, so upgrading your weapons and switching between modifications is a must especially when encountering bosses.

In the light of wanting to upgrade weapons, I found that the money you earn through each mission isn’t enough when it comes to the later stages due to the fact that what you collect is usually around $100 – $300.
When some weapons costs $1000+ to upgrade this unfortunately hinders the game experience by making the player redo missions after missions until they’ve played with precision.
I would say it’s a good thing that each level only lasts about 1-2 minutes on average because replying the boss encounter with 2 gunner choppers whilst I’m on a motorcycle wasn’t the most pleasant experiences.
Most of this failure was due to the games controls because in most cases when swiping left I wouldn’t strafe on the bike but rather jump on the spot & when these sorts of errors occur in each level you expect the developer to update it as soon as possible.

Final thought

Although with its varied levels, side scrolling arcade action and RPG-like elements, Assaulter is another fine free game available on the Android, and If you haven’t picked it up already I suggest you do so.
> Get Assaulter for Android

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