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Friday, January 27, 2012

Alawar Entertainment releases two new games onto Android

Alawar Entertainment has just release two new games onto the Android Market called Naught and Sparky vs. Glutters. Both games feature some pretty good art in them, especially Naught with is a black & white dark game with an evil looking cat.


Naught is a black & white game where you will play as a cat who can defy the laws of gravity. Gravity can be switched 180 degrees to help you pass through each level, avoiding deadly obstacles in your way in order to reach the exit safely. Each level has three gems hidden in it which, when found will unlock the next level. If you get stuck though you can unlock the next level using either real money or in-game currency.
Naught Features:
- Gyroscope-powered gameplay
- 30 levels designed to challenge your mind
- A story that will touch your heart
- Ethereal music that sets a relaxing tone
This new game from Alawar Entertainment is pretty interesting considering it is definitely something different from their normal types of games they release. If you want to check this particular game out, you can nab it off the Android Market for free.

Please note that some people are having issues selecting levels. I haven't had this problem and I think some people didn't read the game description through as you can get each level for free by finding the three diamonds. Still, you may or may not have the level select issue.
Android Market Link: Naught

Sparky vs Glutters

The second game they have released is called Sparky vs Glutters and is a marble popping game similar in style to title like Bonzai Blast. You will be playing as Sparky who has lost his memory and in order to find it, must go through a marble popping adventure through different environments. In order to pop the marbles in each stage, you will have to shoot matching colored ones at the path(s) the marbles are rolling on. Match 3 or more of the same color to eliminate them from the level until all are gone.
Sparky vs. Glutters Features:
- 300 thrilling levels
- Five challenging modes
- 12 stunning backgrounds
- Ten original songs
- 11 trophies
This is one of the more longer types of these games considering it has 300 levels for you to work your way through in order to restore Sparky's memory. If you dig puzzle games like this then you might want to check this one out. Sparky vs Glutters is also available for free on the Android Market.
Android Market Link: Sparky vs Glutters

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