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Friday, September 20, 2013

Top 5 Android racing games

The Android Play Store is still pretty hard to traverse and find new games. KYMI picks the 5 best racing games in the store

It seems that the inherent need for speed in humans ensures that racing games are loved by everyone, irrespective of age. As the Android Play Store is expanding, it gets slightly difficult to separate out the noise from the best products. We have done the difficult part of the job. Here are 5 Android racing games that we loved the most:
1. Asphalt 7: Heat - Asphalt 7 provides an immersive experience in the streets of some world-famous cities. The arcade street racing game has great visuals, good replay value and is challenging enough to keep you coming back. You have to slam cars, drift with finesse and fill your nitro meter to be the best in the world. Available for Rs. 55.
2. Real Racing 3 - If you are a purist who cringes at the absurd physics and handling of arcade racing games, look no further. This realistic racing game has beautiful visuals, an impressive portfolio of licensed cars and an extremely challenging gameplay. The game follows the Free to Play.
3. Need For Speed : Most Wanted - When talking about racing games, can NFS be left far behind? The Android version of the popular street racing game has a lot of variation in the game modes it offers and will satisfy all your adrenaline needs. Most expensive of the lot at Rs. 270.
4. Riptide GP 2 - Breaking away from the car racing category, Riptide GP 2 will put you in the driver’s seat of a jet ski. The game handles physics beautifully, with the water and your vehicle working in perfect, natural tandem. The game has a bit of a steep price tag at Rs. 170.
5. Carmageddon: Anyone growing up in the 90’s would testify to the sheer pleasure that Carmageddon was. Ported from the PC, Carmageddon was amongst the first games that allowed you to go unchecked in a city, wrecking havoc and creating mayhem. If you have a taste for games in this genre (and you got yourself a copy of GTA V), then don’t give this game a miss. Priced at Rs. 107.

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