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Friday, March 15, 2013

Chaos Rings II out now on Android

In this direct sequel to the RPG hit, Chaos Rings, The Destroyer has fractured the seal that holds him at bay and threatens the Earth once more. Moments from the brink of destruction, The Creator freezes time, allowing for the Rite of Resealing to be performed so that The Destroyer can be locked away permanently - but not without a cost.
Playing as Darwin - a kind-hearted mercenary in the Ornian Guard - you find the fate of the world and your friends rests in your hands. Saved by your brother, but forced to kill him by The Creator, you become The Nominator. You alone will have to choose who must live and who must be sacrificed so that the world can be saved. How do you choose between saving those you love and the damnation of the world? An impossible decision, but one you alone will be forced to make.
Chaos Rings II Features:
A Revamped Battle System - Every attack will power the Charge Gauge. Once it’s full you can unleash powerful skills such Awakenings and Advents. Awakenings allow you to tap into your character’s special abilities, while Advents allow you to summon sacred beasts to do your bidding.
Multiple Story Paths – The Rite of Resealing will take place, but the consequence of your actions and who you choose to sacrifice will determine how events unfold.
Custom Parties – Choose from several different characters to play, each with their own unique skillsets. From Darwin’s High Jump to Marie’s Mystic Action, each character will allow you to choose your own unique way to play.
Chaos Rings II is available from Google Play for £10.99/$15.99/€14.49. Also, to celebrate we're holding a sale on the previous titles until March 21. Grab Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega for £2.79/$4.18/€3.22.

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