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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Top 10 Popular Android Games

What we like: Excellent use of The Simpsons franchise. Familiar characters, buildings, and settings. Widespread humor, often directed at itself.
What we dislike: Little to no innovation on an aging model.
What we like: Interesting storyline. Map contains action markers.
What we dislike: Relies on cheap scares. Character models have poor animations. Map lacks fast-travel.
What we like: Smooth gameplay with great sound effects. Interesting concept for a zombie game.
What we dislike: Might get a little boring as it’s a linear road.
What we like: Amazing 3D backgrounds and firepower upgrades.
What we dislike: Nothing interesting about the gameplay.
What we like: Inventive, imaginative and addictive. Outstanding graphics. Makes use of the touchscreen very well.
What we dislike: The controls might initially be a little difficult to use.
What we like: Marvelous gameplay mechanics and awesome graphics.
What we dislike: Enemies seem to take forever to fire. Decent number of variants but they don’t feel very different.
What we like: Brilliant graphics with high replay value.
What we dislike: You will be watching this game more than playing the game.
What we like: Interesting storyline, cute graphics and good soundtrack.
What we dislike: Can get quite boring because of the gameplay.
What we like: Smooth graphics and pretty entertaining. Can get pretty difficult at the later levels.
What we dislike: Can get quite boring because of the gameplay.
10. Temple Run 2  
What we like: Better graphics than the original. New features like gems to continue your run. Minecarts and ziplines are nice improvements. Highly exhilarating at the later stages.
What we dislike: Gameplay identical to the original.

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