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Monday, February 18, 2013

9 Best Strategy Games For Android

Option 1
The simple yet interesting Plants Vs. Zombies is one of the most famous titles and requires you to take on the zombies who are attacking your home. Your weapons for tackling these 26 kinds of dead people are 49 different types of plants which you are supposed to grow by yourself.
And while you are at it, do not forget to collect suns that help you grow your plants. The app boasts of a great soundtrack and hilarious graphics. You can play as many as 50 levels in the adventure mode and collect achievements at the same time.
Price: $3.02
2 – Plague Inc:
Option 2
This contender on our lineup claims to have some terrifyingly realistic simulations which makes it all the more interesting. Your main concern here is to spread a global plague by developing a pathogen and adapting yourself in such a way that defenses developed by humans are rendered useless.
It tags along stunning graphics and a user-friendly interface. You have 7 different diseases to spread as well as scoreboards to keep a track of all the epidemics. And in case you get stuck in the middle, the developers have added tutorials that will help you progress to next levels.
Price: Free
Option 3
If you have always wanted to be a ruler of an empire, Lords & Knights is a title that help you realize this dream, albeit virtually. To get hold of a kingdom, you have to battle against thousands of other lords in this MMOG. To start off, you can construct your own castle which houses various buildings.
Once this is done, recruit soldiers for your army and guide them to acquire castles of different lords. Besides coming up with plans and tactics for capturing other castles and defending yours, you can also embark on a exciting missions and trade for resources to ensure that your empire flourishes.
Price: Free
4 – Sentinel 3: Homeworld:
Option 4
The next title on our catalog of strategy games for Android is a part of a popular sci-fi tower defense series which lets you fly to an alien homeworld. After you land there, simply use your arsenals to attack your enemies and defend yourself. Complete with HD resolution graphics, the application is compatible with phones as well as tablets.
It consists of 20 levels as well as 20 weapons and abilities that help you tackle the opposition. Additionally, your commander unit gains new powers and progresses to new levels, while you are given the option to customize your weapons based on the mission.
Price: $2.99
Option 5
Radiant Defense is a tower defense title in which your task is to eliminate aliens from outer space. It is set in a vibrant universe wherein you can build a fortress and set up traps to discourage invaders. You get to decide a route for the waves of these creatures which are heading towards your fortress and across 12 missions, you are required to deal with as many as 300 such waves.
Apart from 9 upgradeable weapons, there are 3 superweapons for mass destruction. And as you make progress, your name will be added to the online hall of fame that features all the top players.
Price: Free
6 – Slay:
Option 6
You are required to be slightly cunning in order to excel at this title set in medieval times. Basically you have an army of peasants that help you capture enemy lands and add them to your territory. As and when you expand your kingdom, your subjects begin to get more powerful and you end up having spearmen, knights and barons in your troop. But you’ll have to be careful not to have many expensive men in your kingdom as that can make you bankrupt. So plan your moves in advance before you decide to lay claim on others’ territories in this title on our catalog of strategy games for Android.
Price: $4.82
7 – Great Big War Game:
Option 7
In this massive content-packed military campaign, you have to decide whether you wish to take advice from the generalissimo or not for battling your way through it. The most interesting part about the online asynchronous multiplayer title is the funny graphics.
You have various troops and can fight it out in 50 missions. The humorous application brings an intuitive interface as well as stunning visuals to catch your attention.
Price: $2.99
8 – LandGrabbers:
Option 8
This simulation and time management title gives you a chance to travel in middle ages and conquer castles and towers on the way. Your task is to constantly upgrade your army and weapons to clear all 36 levels.
The setting keeps changing and you tackle the three enemy armies in deserts or forests or on icebergs and islands. Moreover, there are 5 types of buildings with distinct features and you can test your planning abilities across three difficulty levels.
Price: Free
So head to the Google Play store and download one of these best strategy games for Android if they have managed to impress you. And as there is no dearth of similar titles in the store, you are likely to come across many more that may be worthy enough to deserve a mention on this compilation. So feel free to drop in a word to let us know about them.

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