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Monday, November 19, 2012

The 3 Best Movie Based Android Games

Wreck It Ralph Android Game
Movie tie ins are always tricky. There’s the presumption in the minds of the buying public that the only reason that movie tie ins existence is movie studios’ insatiable greed.
Moreover, most of the novels and games that have released based on movies in the recent past have been downright atrocious, with developers trying to make a quick buckm and nothing else.

That has changed in the recent past though. Read on to find out about some of the better movie based games released recently.
Wreck-It Ralph
Yes, it’s barely been days since the movie (and its accompanying mobile game) was released, but this is a combination of 3 mini games that Disney has managed to cobble together to bring in a brilliant mix of retro arcade fun and contemporary excitement. Hero’s Duty, Fix-It Felix Jr. and Sweet Climber are all impressive in their own right (though Sweet Climber is decidedly less so than the others), and offer gamers a whole lot of bang for less than a buck!
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The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster finale in the humongously popular Dark Knight trilogy managed to rake in the bucks alright, but there was a vocal minority that had plenty of issues with the movie overall. No such problem for the folks at Gameloft though, as their The Dark Knight Rises game for Android (and iOS) did quite well, and was a lot of fun to boot.
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Angry Birds Star Wars

While Rovio did a decent job with Angry Birds Rio, their just launched Star Wars tie in comes hot on the heels of Lucasfilm (and the Star Wars franchise) being controversially taken over by Disney. Disney may not have much to worry about, as from the looks of it, Star Wars is a brand that can still do little wrong plenty of years down the line, given that Angry Birds Star Wars has managed to do a great job of tapping into every geek’s nostalgia while being a far more innovative iteration of the Angry Birds franchise than Rio was.
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