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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wild Blood Teaser Released – Gameloft And Unreal Engine Steal The Spotlight

Epic’s Unreal Engine powers hit titles such as Dark Meadow and Infinity Blade 2, both of which tout some of the most impressive mobile graphics to date. Likewise, Gameloft‘s games, while never truly praised for their graphics, have been exalted for their wide variety of genres and strong gameplay. It was only natural that the two would eventually come together to truly shake up the gaming world.

That time has come. Last week Gameloft announced that they were almost ready to unveil their first game powered by the Unreal Engine, but at the time, had little more than a single picture to show us. Fans played the inevitable guessing game with the consensus being either a God of War or Infinity Blade copy, as Gameloft is infamous for their frequent ripping off of other companies’ intellectual property. However, this morning Gameloft finally posted the trailer for the upcoming titled, which is entitled Wild Blood.
Immediately, the trailer gives off this other-worldly feel, saying “Be prepared to relive history.” As you continue watching the trailer, it shows off floating islands, incredible statues and 19th century cathedral type building. There are also a vast array of weapon-wielding monsters, which are guaranteed to be more fun to kill than monsters without weapons. The styling of the game puts an Infinity Blade knock off out of the question, but doesn’t immediately rule out a God of War-esque game. It also appears that there are no references to any specific past culture (as God of War did with the Greek Gods), although they do say we will be reliving history. It’s also worth noting that Gameloft already made a game ‘inspired’ by God of War, entitled Hero of Sparta, but the game failed to impress and was not as large a success as Gameloft‘s other titles.
Despite all the mystery surrounding the title, Gameloft has been kind enough to respond to a user who commented on the trailer on YouTube inquiring about the premium or ‘freemium’ nature of the game, confirming that Wild Blood would be a premium game. However, aside from confirming availability on both iOS and Android, Gameloft has provided no other details at this point in time concerning price or an expected release date.
In the meanwhile, check out the trailer for Wild Blood, embedded below. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you expect from Gameloft’s upcoming game! Does anyone think Gameloft might actually have made an original game this time around? Finally, if you really want to find out more about the game, you can visit Gameloft‘s Facebook page and vote to unlock Wild Blood‘s artwork next.

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