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Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 More Free Games To Boost Your Brain Fitness [Android]

In a few weeks, summer will fade into autumn, bringing school and classes back into the lives of many of us netizens, who might be students. Academia will be taking over our lives before we know it so in order to set our brains back to heavy thinking and studying mode, what better than some fun games to boost brain fitness? There are many websites that have fun games with puzzles and test your memory.
Today, however, we’re reviewing mobile games for Android that will also help you exercise your grey cells during this lazy summertime. Simon has already discussed 3 brain teaser games in the past, so I bring you a few more games to add to your collection up next. The ones I’m listing here address different skills.

Who Becomes Rich (Trivia Quiz) [Android 1.6+]

Who is it for? For those that want to learn random facts and/or test their knowledge of random facts.
Interesting fact: This app has complaint buttons in case you are dissatisfied with the difficulty (or lack thereof) of the questions, the content or the spelling of the words. You can even submit your own questions for developer review, after which they could be added to the question database.
Catch: Ad-supported (unobtrusive banner at the bottom of the screen), but honestly, you barely notice it’s there.
Rating: 4.5/5 stars, averaged from 80,000+ reviews
Size: 3.3M
If you are a frequent MakeUseOf reader, you are probably knowledgeable on a lot of tech subjects (or are at least an enthusiastic learner). Do you want to test your knowledge on other subjects or do you wish to learn more general knowledge facts? This app will be a fun game for you and a pal to try to test which of you can answer the most questions on random facts, or can guess the highest number of correct answers.

If you don’t get the question right, you can submit your name for a score table. The lowest amount of money you can “win” is $100, which you should be able to since the questions in the beginning are very elementary. I have made it to $3 million, a level which of course contains some very obscure questions.

One Touch Drawing [Android 2.2+]

Who is it for? For those that are up for some visual and logic challenges/riddles.
Interesting fact: The app has a survival mode which means you cannot make mistakes. If you do make just one mistake, it’s game over for you. Survival mode could be fun for challenges with friends, or if you’re confident enough of your skills.
Catch: Like Who Becomes Rich, this app is ad-supported, with an unobtrusive banner at the top of the screen, which really is not that big of a deal at all.
Rating: 4.5/5 stars, averaged from 18,000+ reviews
Size: 2.7M
If you like riddles and to figure out problems, you might like this game. You basically need to figure out how to draw the shape shown in the screen without lifting your finger. Sounds simple, right? If only it was in practice. There are 160 levels for you to truly give your grey cells a workout. With that many levels, you might be either extremely excited or somewhat intimidated, but it’s definitely a great game to try.
There are hints after 10 missed attempts at each drawing so even if you’re stuck in any single level, there is hope! I have gotten to level 7, which is not high considering there are 100 in the blue world. I’m guessing the rest of the levels are in the green world while the developers are still working on the levels of the next world (red).

Brain Age Game [Android 1.5+]

Who is it for? For those that want to test or improve their visual memory skills.
Interesting fact: The app notes that if you’re not happy with your initial brain age results, you can notice improvements in your brain memory age if you continue using the app for 10 minutes every day. Also, it allows you to choose an audio track to play while you complete the games.
Catch: There are some ads in the app, but you can remove them by downloading sponsoring apps and earning rewards.
Rating: 4.5/5 stars, averaged from 73,000+ reviews
Size: 2.1M
Do you think you got a pretty good memory or can memorize strings of numbers well? You can find out for sure with this app. This has one type of game where you are shown a few numbers scrambled all over the screen for a few seconds, after which you’re supposed to tap the parts of the screen where the numbers were shown in the right order from memory. After you have completed some levels, you can get a report based on your performance of how old your brain is. Even though this game doesn’t sound that hard, in reality, the challenges get significantly harder quickly.

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  1. I have played One Touch Drawing among these and man, after 30 levels the game goes banana..



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