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Friday, March 2, 2012

Top 5 Android games worth your time

Android is growing marketplace for games as more and more android devices become cheaper, giving the platform a far greater reach than its competitors. Services jumping in to make discovery, in-app purchases, and other revenue models smoother to implement. Devices becoming more functional and  better performing putting a decent gaming device in every hand - gaming on Android is starting to happen.

Here is a list of 5 android games that are wreaking havoc in the Android marketplace this February and one's you should definitely play.

Stardom - The A ListStardom - the A list is a celebrity simulation game, where you live the life of a movie star from rags to riches. Quite like Sims, the game puts you in the shoes of a budding movi star who has just reached the city to live their dream. It is upto you now, how successful can you be?

The first thing you will notice about the game is the exceptional art: Very polished, very comforting and very inviting. The art has a very good polish level and is one of the key factors that makes this game very enjoyable. The gameplay is very simple, there are a set of situations and each situation has a set of action points that consume money and energy and give the player experience (XP) and other rewards. You are expected to act in a series of TV Shows and Movies, perform your best and become famous. Along th way, date other celebrities, engage in PR stunts and live a glamorous life.

Stardom is really taking over Android and it is close to impossible if you the gamer, hasnt heard or played it yet. Try it out today, its a free game too.


King Fighter 2Remember Double Dragon from the old NES era?

In many ways, King Fighter 2 is a true successor to Double Dragon franchise. This story based brawler will take you back to the time of classic arcade action games, where Kung Fu might ruled the world and combos were sick!

The game will take you around scenic environments, fighting with groups of thugs and bosses in classic 8 bit graphical wizardry and draw out the champion in you. With over a million of downloads, the game has got a good rating of 4.2 out of 11,247 reviews which speaks for itself. The game has some language issues, but given the fun that it is even the language adds to the gameplay value (think of poorly translated anime). Definitely worth a try for all arcade fans out there.


Ceramic DestroyerThere is no shortage of fun puzzle games on the Android marketplace. Ceramic Destoryer takes it a notch further, where you have to destroy ceramic shapes by firing different types of bombs on these shapes with a catapult.

The sound in the game is very engaging, plus the weapon selection makes for a decent choice and fun gameplay. And then, it is always fun to blow up things. The game turns out to be very addictive, thanks in part to the audio and the smooth graphics, but a lot of it has to do with the fun gameplay of shooting bombs and laying them all over the target ceramic shapes to completely destroy it. Your progression in the game, depends on your explosive skills.


Journey to EgyptThis latest release from China Wireless Arts builds over their previous successful title - Castle of Shadows. In Journey to Egypt, you play as Shanti - the wife and guardian of the egyptian pharaoh, who sets on a mission to discover and disrupt the conspiracies of the evil god against the egyptian pharaoh.

Build in a similar style as Castle of Shadows, the two games are very similar except in obvious ways (read: audio and art). The game plays out as a 2d side scroller adventure, where the emphasis is on taking over groups of enemies and beating them to a pulp. And guess what, you can dual wield!


Cartoon WarsGamevil strikes again with this fun war game, where you have to build units, save your tower while destroy the enemy's tower. Sounds simple right? Wrong!

Over the game, you will unlock better units, as your monochrome stick figure army takes over the rival colorful army. The strategy involed is in your assembly line of producing units and mana management. Quite like Nano Kingdoms, the game takes away the cuteness and replaces it with stick-y ferociousness, as you fight monsters and evil creatures of the demon horde.

The unassuming game presents you with an infinte number of levels, putting virtually no end to war but only victory. Over its millions of downloads, the game has earned 99,948 (at the point of this writing) and averaging around a score of 4.8. You know what's that? Wicked!


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