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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tower Raiders 2 GOLD v1.09

Tower Raiders 2 GOLD 1.09 Needs Android OS 2.0 and higher devices.

Tower Raiders 2 GOLD

Summary: Tower Raiders 2 GOLD features deep, strategic gameplay on 24 unique levels!
File Name: t2109.apk
File Size: 9,65 MB

Small Screen, GIANORMOUS Gamplay!

You can own the game that sets THE standard for strategic gameplay on mobile platforms. As a commander for the human defense force your mission is to defend 20 precious power crystals from would-be raiders. Exercise your wits to conquer 24 unique levels.
* 20+ hours of challenging fun
* Premium gameplay, on the go
* Active forum and facebook community for help and strategies

CYANOGENMOD OS, CM7, etc. If you run cyanogen on your phone you WILL experience force closes. This is due to a bug in CyanogenMod, not Tower Raiders, and no one to date has provided a viable solution. Several CM7 users report raising the VP Heap size on their phone worked around the issue.

What's in this version:
This update improves compatibility with some tablets and newer phones.



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