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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Top 5 Must Download, Fun, And Free Android Games!
I recently bought an Android smartphone. Everyone else around me seemed to have one of the cool touch screen phones and had downloaded all sort of cool apps and gamed so I got rid of my old Nokia and upgraded myself to Android.
Once in my hand, I thought “Hmm.. what exciting android apps to download” … when my gaming instincts were awakened by the realization that there would be hundreds of free games available! So I started downloading – one after the other, removed the ones i didn’t like, and I ended up having five of the best, fun filled free Android games to play on your smartphone. And here they are:

1) Angry Birds

Turn up your sound to enjoy the “Weeeeee”s, and “Waaaaa”s of these color little birdies who throw themselves into pigs hiding in block fortresses. Each round gives you a few birds to throw at the pigs, and if all the pigs are hit, the next level is unlocked.
After the success of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio was launched in May for all those bird lovers who completed the original game. The Rio birds are very angry because some of their friends have been caged and sent to Rio by the pigs. They want revenge and need to rescue their fellow birds.

The graphics are amazing, and the accuracy of each throw is perfect. Help them set their friends free!
Download Angry Birds here and Angry Birds Rio here
2)Fruit Ninja
Honestly speaking this game is highly, highly addictive (I’ve just spend half the day playing it, and my hands itch to pick up my phone). Slice the fruit as they popup up from nowhere. There are three modes (Classic, Arcade, and Zen), and all three of them are cool. Unlock different blades and backgrounds as per criteria! The mysterious ninja sound effects add intrigue to the game.

Download right here
3)Yoo Ninja!
Tap tap tap! Tap your screen to keep the Ninja running and avoid obstacles. Heart patients beware! This game is very fast paced and requires quick coordination of the eye and hand. I get shocked each time the Ninja gets stuck or I miss a tap which kills the Ninja.

Download right here
4)Pirates of the Carribean
Captain Jack Sparrow right on your smart phone. Create your ship, build your crew, and embark on quests wrapped around the lore from the Pirates of the Caribbean universe

Download right here
5)Drag Racing
This one is especially for the car race lovers. Trust me, these cars look real. Drive them in a fast paced drag race. There are over 50 cars to choose from, including the officially licensed 1200 bhp Hennessey Venom GT™.

Download here

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