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Monday, February 13, 2012

Dante: The Inferno

Dante The Inferno 300x200 Dante: The Inferno

Did you like Diablo? Do you like RPGs? Well why not grab Dante: The Inferno? you play as Dante guided by Virgil on an epic quest through the circles of Hell defeating 122 levels  with riddles, achievements and unique bosses. Solve the riddles, avoid temptation and rescue your beloved Beatrice from the clutches of Satan before it’s too late. play in story mode or a timed version and enjoy two different endings depending on how fast you complete the game. Dante: The Inferno will keep you occupied and enthralled for hours at a time, make sure you keep your charger handy this game isn’t for the average Android gamer. Grab it and really see what your device can do when it comes to RPGs

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