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Friday, January 27, 2012

World of Midgard MMORPG 3rd beta under way starting today

World of Midgard MMORPG is currently under heavy development which, if you follow us at all, we have been covering fairly extensively. Well the second round of closed beta testing is now over and the third is starting up today. Those of you who, until now, haven't gotten into the closed beta, check your emails, your invite might be there.
if you happen to get an invite for this closed beta round, there are a few things to know before diving in. This is still a closed beta so there will be bugs. Also don't expect any hand-holding at all as there is no map or directional arrows to show you where you have came from, you might get lost. You also won't gain a ton of XP right away, you have to work for it. It isn't a full fledged game just yet, lots of work is still going on.

Here is a list of what to and what not to expect in the third beta round (TBW for short):
- TBW does not have map of any kind not even minimap so you will be lost often.
- TBW has just a few testing quests and you will have to grind your way to higher levels by killing mobs without any quests for them.
- TBW does not have any crafting at all, combat only.
- In TBW (except for first few levels) the loot is only on hard to kill bosses.
- TBW has good main game play screen interface but some of screens on menu are ugly. When you talk to NPC and trainers interface gets even more ugly.
- TBW might crash on you sometimes.
- TBW might have bugs which might infuriate you.
- TBW might not work on your specific Android device and we will be unable to help you with it (but we will note your device and will try to add support for it in Faction Wars)
Basically if you find any of these things something you can't handle, the developers are saying that you should wait till later beta phases or until the game is actually released. If you got the invite for this round of beta testing and you are pretty hardcore when it comes to gaming and testing new ones out, by all means jump right in!

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