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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Top 7 Best Free Android Games

Android being the most popular and most used mobile operating system in the world, It powers million phones, Tablets and many other devices. Android App Market is growing with an unbelievable speed with hundreds of thousands apps.
It’s always difficult to choose what’s right for you. If you are a gamer and an Android smartphone user then this list will help you choose some Best Android games.
1: Real Racing 2 - Requires: Android 2.1 or higher

This is a game which i play a lot on my iPhone, I won’t even think for a second to say that ‘This is the Best car racing game ever’. The game graphics are awesome. Real Racing 2 offers different control options, You can use your phone Accelerometer for motion steering or You can steer with on screen controls. Choose your Ride from 30 officially licensed cars, You can race at 15 beautiful locations, with 40 miles of highly detailed race tracks.
2: Angry Birds - Requires: Android 1.6 or higher

Angry Birds is a game you’ll see in almost everybody’s phone nowadays. This is one of the Top 5 most downloaded game for Android and iOS. This game is All about Birds with powers and Pigs. Pigs stole Birds eggs and Now Birds are Angry, They seek for Revenge and Attack Pigs with their powers. What you have to do it to shoot a bird on pigs and destroy their Fortresses. Angry Birds has 300 different levels which requires logic and skills.
3: Fruit Ninja Free

Fruit Ninja is very Addictive game, This game has topped the charts worldwide, The Free version is now available for Android. What you have to do is just swipe to slice the fruits like a ninja. The more fruits you slice the more points you earn, You can unlock backgrounds, blades. I personally love this game, It is also available for iOS and Its Seriously Addictive.
4: UNO Free - Requires: Android 1.6 or higher

Everyone would be aware of this game, UNO is a world famous card game and Now it runs on your smartphone’s. I seriously love this game and this is the Free version. This game offers Wi-fi connectivity, you can challenge your friends with Multi player mode. One important thing before playing this game is ‘Please Read the Rules first’ many people get this game wrong because they don’t read the Rules and Regulations.
5: Word Search Unlimited - Requires: Android 1.5 or up

The is one of my favorite puzzle game. In this game you’ll see different Alphabets on screen, You’ll have to find words. The best thing about this game is that it also supports Tablets. This game will definitely improve your word power and its great Time killer.
You can choose words from popular categories, Customized different themes. Last word, If you like puzzles then this game if for you.
6: Paper Toss - Requires: Android 1.5 or higher

This is another worldwide hit game, What you have to do is Toss a paper to trash bin and make sure that you make it. There are some electric fans to make it harder for you, The wind blowing from fans change the direction of the paper resulting in missing the shot.
The wind speed which impacts the paper roll varies. The game offers 6 different difficulty levels, Awesome graphics, Real office sounds, Animated paper etc. This is the Best Stress busting game ever.
7: Shoot the Apple - Requires: Android 1.6 or higher

Shoot Aliens to Apples… Yes, That’s what you’ve to do. In this game Aliens fall in love with apples and you’ll have to help them. You’ll have shoot them on apples. No, its not that simple, Apples are hidden behind obstacles and you’ve to help aliens in getting the apple. More than 150 challenging levels.
Here is my Top 7 list, If you have different favorites then please share yours in the comments below.

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