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Friday, January 27, 2012

How to get $16 worth of Android apps for free

android robot How to get $16 worth of Android apps for free

Free Android apps

Most everyone in the United States is feeling the strain of a struggling economy. Because of this, every dollar counts, especially for small business owners. Many currently available Android apps are relatively affordable, starting at just under one dollar. Some of these apps can make your professional life easier by offering you ways to increase productivity. And when they’re offered for free, there isn’t a reason to skip over them. Here are six business-related Android apps that have just become completely free of charge.

Smart Inventory App

Used to be $5.39
Smart Inventory App – No matter your specific type of business, you can easily manage your inventory with one simple Android app. You can sort and search your inventory based on name, picture, quantity, and the barcode. You can use it with your built-in barcode scanner or an external device. Once you’ve entered and organized your entire inventory, you can then export that information in an easy-to-read file.

EasySign App

Used to be $4.99
EasySign – The EasySign Android app will save you a ton of time during your work week. You can fill out and sign important documents. “Now you can end the hassles of printing, scanning, faxing and overnight shipping.” Use this app for invoices, purchase orders, contracts or agreements, and tax forms.

Group Communicator App

Used to be $1.39
Group Communicator – Whether you need to communicate to a group of two to a gaggle of hundreds, Group Communicator can make that happen, and make it happen easily. In its most basic form, Group Communicator compiles mass lists of contacts.

PhoneLogger App

Used to be $1.42
PhoneLogger – With so many incoming and outgoing phone calls that you deal with in a typical work week, PhoneLogger can help you keep better track of it all. When you receive or make a call, PhoneLogger will add it to your calendar as an event. This way, you can always go back and see when you last talked to the client or when you received an important call from an employee.

TrackaDroid App

Used to be $1.99
TrackaDroid – If you’re one to always lose your phone, this might be the perfect free app for you. But it’s more than just a phone-finder. You can actually clear your phone’s memory from any other mobile device if it is stolen or misplaced for too long of a time and you need a new phone. Another included feature allows you to text your phone with a unique keyword and turn on your ringer, wherever your phone is.

ContactsCopy App

Used to be $1.03
ContactsCopy – Whether you’re transferring contacts to or from coworkers or you have a new phone and you don’t want to manually add each contact, ContactsCopy is an easy solution to a sometimes annoying and tedious problem. You can export your contacts for free; this allows you to backup your valuable data.
Now that you have six more options when looking for affordable tools to enhance your professional success, you have nowhere to go but up. Use these free Android apps to improve yourself, your business, and your goals. And that just might put you one step ahead of the competition.

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