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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Darts 3D Game App (Free) – Android

Can’t get enough of darts after you’ve left the bar or even the garage where your dart board is? — No worries there is hope yet! Darts 3D is a great simulation game that’s very realistic and interactive.
Throw a dart and the visual within the app brings you on the flight path of the dart till it lands on the dart board.
Game Tips:
1. Align dartboard gauge and place gauge’s circle on desired area/target.
2. Green aiming bar should be in the gauge circle to achieve highest accuracy.
3. Throw button is sensitive (bottom right corner) so touch lightly and launch dart.
4. Dart should land in the circle of the gauge if green bar was aimed accurately within the circle in #2
Game tips and available options
Move gauge within orange rectangle. Ensure circle is on desired target area
How to to land a bullseye!

  • Full internet access
  • Read phone state and identity
  • System access to prevent phone from sleepng
  • Free version comes with ads. Paid version Darts 3D Pro is $1.99 is ad free.
Multiplayer (online)
  • Dart tournaments and more
  • Game replays and spectating
  • Chat
  • Profile with statistics
  • Highscore and ranking
  • vs. Bot
  • vs. local player
  • Highscore
Have you played this game yet? What do you think of it?

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