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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cool Tool

What is Cool Tool:

This utility allows you to monitor a variety of system info in "always on top" floating window (overlay mode). Available meters: - CPU Usage meter - Free RAM meter - CPU Frequency indicator - 2g/3g/Wi-Fi Traffic meter - Battery Level & Temperature indicator - Wi-Fi Signal Level - Current Time indicator - Most resource-intensive processes Also there is nice real time graph on background. Press Show Panel button to enable dashboard. You can drag floating window over the screen or double tap to open settings. See video and screen-shots for details. This application allows you to: - Easy identify problem processes that consume resources excessively. - With Cool Tool you can monitor full-screen applications (games, video players, browsers). - Monitor your Internet traffic without closing the browser window. - Make your battery level always visible, with accurate percentage scale. - Monitor how good your CPU governor switches between CPU frequencies in idle/stresses If you have troubles with download, visit my blog to get direct link. Tips: To start/stop using panel, press Show/Hide Panel button in the options window. Double-click on the panel opens the settings window. Select the graph in the "Show Graph" that you want to display on top of all. Customize the appearance of the panel using color picker dialogs. Also you can adjust transparency and size of the panel in Sliders section. If you want the panel did not receive touch events, just select the "ICS hack" box. If you Android 4.0 user, you also may want to turn it on. Since in ICS the status bar is drawn on top of all. Even on top of Cool Tool:) Tons of gauges could drain your battery very quickly. Uncheck the features that you do not need. Btw, Cool Tool went to sleep and do not draw anything when your display turns off. It is for powersave. Max Network Bandwidth value is for visual limit on your gauges only. It's don't limit your bandwidth physically. Calculation of network traffic is considered only for the time since system boot (and it's work only in 2.2+). For longer-term calculations you can use some other apps. Warning! "Show most resource-intensive process" feature is pretty resource-intensive :) and it's required Busybox installed. You should use it only if you really need it. ps: If you want to help me localize app into your native language, let me know.

Download Cool Tool free for your Android phone

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