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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Android 'Swiss Army Knife' hack tool released

Android 'Swiss Army Knife' hack tool released
An open source tool has been released that makes it easier to reverse engineer Android applications.
Oter Tool, released today at the Shmoocon security conference in Washington DC, is designed to streamline some of the arduous processes crucial to reverse engineer Android applications.
The application graphical user interface is an easy access to a bundle of typically “annoying procedures” including like installing certificates, and modifying .apk files which is done during static and dynamic analysis of Android apps.
“These common tasks take a huge set of commands which are almost impossible to memorise,” Mathew Rowley, senior consultant at Matasano told SC.
He said the tool was “a kind of swiss army knife for reversing Android applications”.
The tool, available on github, uses smali/baksmali libraries to decompile Android apps (.apk). It runs on Mac OS X and Linux and could be later written for Windows.
Rowley, a former security technician and penetration tester for US telco Comcast had released an eariler version of the tool at Toorcon 13 last year.

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