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Monday, November 19, 2012

Best 5 android apps

Have you checked Google Play this week for the newest apps? If you haven’t – we did it for you. Here are our top five downloaded android apps this week.

1. Angry Birds Star Wars

Download: Google Play

Rovio finally realesed Star Wars – the latest edition of the wildly popular game Angry Birds. It’s on Google Play – absolutely free give it a try and let us know what you think of it!

2. Fingers Vs Knife 3D

Download: Google Play
Don’t lose your fingers! It’s all you need to know when you choose to play this deadly game. It requires you to concentrate and hit only to the spaces between your fingers, because you surely don’t want to know what is like to lose your finger! Download it now for free at Google Play.

3. Virtual Dentist

Download: Google Play
Have you ever wanted to know what is like to be a dentist? Now’s you’re chance – strap your patient in the chair, grab your drill and drill off those decayed teeth till they explode and the patient dies..!

4. Lie Detector HD, Polygraph HD

Download: Google Play
Another great app – legendary Lie Detector with now over 1 million downloads! It detects if you are lying or not by the changes in blood pressure, pulse, sweat production and finger temperature. Just put your thumb on the scanner keep telling the truth and then remove your thumb after the scan. You will be surprised!

5. Shipwrecked

Download: Google Play
Over 500000 downloads last week!
Shipwrecked is an adventurous, magical and romantic game, which lets you explore the mysterious jungle and discover hidden secrets of the island! Turn your desert into a paradise, explore artifacts, discover lost civilizations. But be careful! You’re not alone on this island…

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