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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PlanetScapes Brings Intricately-Designed Alien Worlds to Live Wallpapers

ive Wallpapers look fantastic, bringing life to screens that otherwise are static and lifeless. It’s one of those things that Android owners can boast that they have that iOS owners do not. However, some of the live wallpapers are just random moving lines and patterns, nothing more. For those looking for a more substantial and detailed live wallpaper for their device, there’s PlanetScapes from Central Core Studios.
This live wallpaper incorporates three different selectable alien landscapes as a live wallpaper: Avalon Falls, Sunridge Canyon, and Northern Tundra. Each wallpaper is a dynamic view of the landscape, and fully animated. Each wallpaper also has settings to customize elements in it, like the rate of snowfall in the Northern Tundra wallpaper, cloud speed in Sunridge Canyon, and the camera panning effects when switching between home screens. This is a very high-quality set of live wallpapers, and while there are settings to decrease the processor hit they will take, a powerful device is recommended when using these. A free version is available with just the Avalon Falls wallpaper, and a paid version with all three wallpapers is also available, both from the Android Market.

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