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Sunday, January 29, 2012

12 Paid Hard Core Action Games for Android

Why should all the Hardcore action games limit to the PCs, PlayStations and Xbox! So as you've got an Android with you. You can experience all the best games from your pocket. Hard Core Action games lovers in specific, here's what you might be looking for.

  1. Grand Theft Auto III
Most awaited game series from Rockstar games. The Grand Theft Auto is now hitting the android market. Crimes, Robberies, Missions, Money, Girls, Missions, Thefts, Missions, Cheats. Yeah! This game makes you an addict.

  1. Nova
If you love the first person shooting games with a sci-fi edge, then you should check N.O.V.A out. Here you play as Kal Wardin, a retired maritime idol who is set to protect N.O.V.A
  1. 9mm
One more exciting game from GameLoft team. 9mm is a hard-core shooting game. The enemy gang wants you dead. You with the team attack the enemies with guns and weapons. The sounds and graphic made up the game.
  1. Captain America
Play as Captain America, the first avenger and stop the red-skull. Spectacular graphics and touch controls gives a new experience. The script was actually got from a writer for Marvel Comics.
  1. Assassin's Creed
Any platform it may be, Assassin's Creed is one of the most famous game of 12th century in Jerusalem. You play the role of Altair in the game. The game can be given a top place in the list of action games.
  1. Heavy Gunner 3D
One more first person shooting game. As Android has now got the 3D games in the market, Heavy Gunner 3D gives you the whole darn 3D shooting experience. The game is just awesome. A must play game.
  1. Modern Combat 3
A hard core action game with multi gaming mode upto 12 players, 6 modes, 6 maps. The game has also hit the iOS AppStore and has been listed among the top games in the market. If you're really looking for some full-on hard core FPS game, then this is it.
  1. Dead Space
Dead Space is on awesome action game for Android users. Electronic Arts Team with partnership, brought up Dead Space to the market. The game costs a 350 INR from your pocket. Though, the game worths it !
  1. Contract Killer
You the contract Killer, whether an enforcer or an assasin, you're here to complete you missions. You have lots of weapons of choice, take aim, go for HEADSHOT to get more.
  1. MineCraft Pocket Edition
The objective of the game, is same of the pc version, where the players can build virtual realities in sanboxes. The exciting feature is the multi-player mode is cross platofrm compitable that is it can also be between Android & iOS.
  1. Max Payne
Rockstar Games decided to refresh the experience of Max Payne and bring it to mobile platforms. The Trailer of the game is just awesome. The game would hit the market soon. You can watch a video intro here.
  1. Gangstar : WestCoast Hustle
Gangstar offers you a never before insight into the streets of LA from the unique vantage point of a life of a gangster. Realistic environments pave the way for a thrilling experience. Run your own gang, make money, shoot cops, live the LA life.

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